evalground.com advantages for Educational Institutes

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evalground.com advantages for Educational Institutes

If you’re an educational institute focused on software training, Evalground is probably the best tool for you. We enable educational institutions to conduct online assessments and provide clean, user-friendly, automatically evaluated reports of a candidate’s technical skills.

We support:

  • Coding Questions in C, C++, Java, Python and Ruby
  • Multiple Choice Questions in Mathematical Aptitude, English and other Technical Subjects like AngularJS, jQuery, Android Apps, SQL
  • Hands-on Skill Assessment Tests (2 hours’ duration for HTML, JS, AngularJS, jQuery, Android Apps, UI Design, SQL, DBA and other Technical Skills
  • Mini-projects with 2-3 days’ time limit to evaluate Technical Skills in depth

Internal Assessment of your students’ technical skills

With evalground.com, colleges can create internal assessment tests for their students. This allows administrators to track student performance over the years. Automated evaluation of coding skills saves time and effort from the teacher in correcting code.

We offer superior cheating prevention through: WebCam Recording, Plagiarism Checks and Window Proctoring – so that tests can be conducted even in the absence of a test invigilator. This provides students, the flexibility of taking tests from home.

Achieve higher placement record

College Authorities should encourage students to take part in Hackathons and other Assessment tests conducted by Evalground on a regular basis. Such tests give students exposure to the kind of questions asked during Campus Placements. We also have a pool of Recruiters interested in offering jobs and internships directly via Virtual Campus Visits. While Campus Visits are one way to get students placed, Evalground offers an alternative way to improve your Placement Stats.

Hackathons for College Fests

Conduct hackathons during college festivals using Evalground for FREE.

Note: Educational Institutes can avail special discounts. Contact us for Pricing details.

See the Getting Started Guide for more details on creating your own online tests.

You can sign up for a free trial. We are always available for a Demo session at your convenience. Contact: +91-80-65555513

This content was brought to you by Evalground Online Testing PlatformEvalground is an online assessment and test evaluation system focused on helping Recruiters in the initial screening of potential candidates from an ocean of job seekers in an automated way.
Evalground supports Online Aptitude Tests, Spoken English Communication Skills AssessmentsCoding Contests in JAVA, C, C++, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and PHP.  Evalground also supports Automated asynchronous interviews. Evalground Screening Tests can be used by Recruiters during campus hiring or to screen walkin candidates.

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