Evalground enables Brand-Building using hackathons

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Evalground enables Brand-Building using hackathons

One of the challenges faced by startups throughout the recruitment process is lack of familiarity with the brand. College students as well as skilled developers are usually unwilling to attend interviews conducted by startups that they have never heard of.

The best way to overcome this downside and improve brand perception is to conduct hackathons and provide prizes to the top coders / performers. This encourages college students as well as full-fledged techies to attend hackathons and slowly improves brand familiarity. And such hackathons conjointly function an excellent way to recruit prime performers!

We encourage companies to conduct hackathons with themes that closely match the sponsor’s brand.

Technical issues faced by the organization could be taken and converted into coding tests (For instance, Write an algorithm to identify the top three books to be recommended for a particular reader in an online book store).

Design skills could be tested by asking candidates to design alternative web pages and logos for the Company (Design a web page offering valentine’s day gift vouchers from an e-Cart Application).

Mini-projects in the domain of the company could also increase interest among techies (Build a Dashboard to track late deliveries for a food delivery company).

You can also use Evalground to conduct Virtual Campus Visits.

See the Getting Started Guide for more details on creating your own online tests.

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