Hiring a BPO Representative: 5 Must Have Qualities

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Hiring a BPO Representative: 5 Must-Have Qualities

When filling positions for Business Process Outsourcing, there are some very specific qualities and skill sets that a recruiter must asses for during the hiring process.
The individual you are looking to hire will have to talk to at least 60 people during a typical work day so they must have the necessary traits to be able to work efficiently for the firm.
1. Excellent Communication Skills

This is a given. Whoever is being considered for a position in a BPO call centre must have high proficiency in English. They should be fluent in their speaking and should also have excellent writing, reading, and listening comprehension skills. This article explains the importance of language proficiency and also provides some great examples of online assessments that recruiters can use when hiring.
2. Work efficiency
There are two important factors to consider when considering how to complete work in the most efficient way. These are organization and speed. When things get busy in a call centre, agents have to be so well organized to a point that they can multitask while paying close attention to the customers. These organizational skills will also help the employee reduce error and as a result increase their speed so, in the end, more quality work can be done in a shorter time span.
3. Interpersonal skills

The ideal candidate should not be socially awkward in any way. It is important that they are comfortable interacting with others in a friendly and cooperative manner. The candidate should portray a warm and approachable nature. Since support employees will be the frontline of the company, they are the ones interacting directly with customers the most and as representatives of the company as a whole, they need to leave customers with a good impression.
4. Ability to think on the spot

At any time, a person working in customer support/technical support/BPO will face a difficult and unexpected question. When a situation like this arises, they have to be able to give a fast, relevant, and correct response. This skill is useful in other situations as well for example when responding to an unhappy or angry customer.
5. Knowledge Retention

For this type of position, an agent should be able to store and recall information easily. They will be required to learn and memorize a large amount of information and have to be extremely familiar with the product or service of the company. Hiring a candidate without this skill or quickly learning and retaining information could ultimately have a negative impact on the work.

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