How to Easily Assess Technical Skills When Hiring

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How to Easily Assess Technical Skills When Hiring

How to Easily Assess Technical Skills When Hiring

As a recruiter or hiring manager do you feel you might be too reactive (or even too rushed) when it comes to make out a successful hire? Do you spend most of your assessment process centering on technical skills, in the hope that your prospective hire will be able to hit the ground running?

Well that’s a serious problem for any recruiter today.

In this article, I will share 5 tips on how to effectively conduct technical skills assessment .

And Of Course, these tips can benefit both you and your organization.

1. Quality Resume Search

So, if you’re hiring a person for a technical role, just don’t be very specific about the IT key skills they have. For a better team spirit and leadership quality, you need to look for some soft skills too. Being a recruiter, you need to focus on the job requirement by digging more selectively into the key skills provided in the resume while doing  resumes search.

2. Get Specific To The Role During The Interview

Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential candidates, look out for details in the interview process about their experience, ask comprehensive interview questions relevant to your specific requirements, focusing on how they manage their time between technical and business tasks.

3. Assessment Of Technical And Soft Skills Sets

Skills assessments should not come with a approach of “one size fits all” .To add to the mixture, it’s tough to find candidates that possess and excel in both IT and business skills. So, it’s important to get the priorities right and decide beforehand what technical and soft skills to look for before you are  ready to make a hire.

4. Focus On IT Skills

You can evaluate a candidate’s IT skills in a number of ways. Like you can have a tech person from your company who can easily do a technical screening of the candidate’s resume and conducts technical interviews. It’s important to make sure the IT person is there to assess the candidate’s level of technical aptitude and knowledge of the particular domain and not to converse on pay or other subjects.

5. The Ideal Assessment Method

Try assessing a candidate’s technical skills by asking them to take the skill assessment tests, and it will help in finding the best fit for the position. The impact of this kind of online assessment programs being highly utilized, is that it lessens unnecessary interviews and can considerably better the quality of hire. These days, most companies are conducting virtual campus drives with the help of online assessment platforms or softwares like Evalground, HackerRank, Interview Mocha, Techgig etc. This paces up their hiring process with ease in a cost  and time effective way.  

Happy Recruiting!

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