Job Search Engines: What are they really ?

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Job Search Engines: What are they really?

There is much debate about the efficiency of job boards in today’s day and age. Are you receiving any quality results from creating an account and uploading your resume on to these job sites? Or instead, do you just receive spam mail and calls for offers nowhere close to what you’re looking for.
Are your job posts being viewed by quality talent? Is your company employer brand still taking a hit?

Job search engines are here to save the day. Be it for recruiters or for job seekers, these sites provide great functionality and efficiency. Not to be confused with job boards, job search engines crawl through different job boards, company employer sites and other job-related sites to aggregate innumerable relevant job positions which users can scan through and apply for. Some of the biggest job search engines include Indeed, SimplyHired and LinkUp. Through these postings, potential seekers can directly connect to the employer’s page or company website. This can greatly help recruiters in finding first class talent, by ensuring that their postings have good visibility.

How it works 

Job search engines offer a consolidation of various job offerings in one particular site. These sites scan information across the web to find certain company pages or job boards that might have job openings. The functionality of these job search engines is very similar to those of ordinary consumer driven search engines. With a user-friendly, thoughtful and straightforward interface, job postings can be readily made available to candidates and recruiters can easily post their job vacancies. Through the rise of vertical search engines candidates can also see the other sites from which these job postings are collected.

A job seeker’s well-rounded solution

Systematic and organized job search is what a job search engine can offer. Various filters can aid in sifting through a multitude of results to help job seekers find their desired job openings. SimplyHired allows candidates to search for jobs based on salaries and you can compare your current salary with the national average.

Job search engines act as a good solution for quick communication between candidates and recruiters. Candidates do not have to wait for too long to receive a reply from potential employers. Also, candidates have access to a real time list of job postings collected across various job boards and company sites, that is constantly being updated.

What’s in it for me as a recruiter?

As mentioned earlier job search engines are a one stop online site for candidates and recruiters alike. So what can recruiters take away from these sites? The thing about job search engines is that they scan every inch of the web to locate job postings that have been indexed across various other job boards. So, in recruiters speak it means that your job opening will be available on these sites, without even paying for it.

They help recruiters increase the visibility of their job posting by paying a small fee ( pay per click) which is welcome news in these times of tiny budgets. Also, employers can directly insert the XML feed of the job post instead of posting directly, which helps greatly in saving time. Through job search engines, visibility of the respective employer page also increases.

Some job search engines also allow potential employees to upload their resumes as live documents.This also increases the functionality and can help recruiters tap into diverse talent. Sites like Indeed have integrated traditional features of job boards which make them easy to use and very efficient. Recruiters can view candidate resumes on Indeed and can navigate and scan through essential candidate information according to their preference.

Being so extensive and relevant, they are a great choice for recruiters looking to hire a specific category of talent. By posting in various different job search engines, talent acquisition teams are sure to find the particular potentials that fit the mold.

In conclusion

So to sum up, job search engines are centralized virtual markets with an assortment of job postings that have been collected after combing the web. They ensure brand promotion for employers and can really help capture the most effective and unlikely talent. Playing a dual role of kick starting a job seeker’s career roadmap and a goldmine for eclectic talent, job search engines are highly useful and are an intuitive solution to both employer and employee troubles.

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