Online Aptitude Test – Major Drawbacks and Solutions

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Modern recruiters in the corporate world  are very well aware of the different recruitment approaches to be followed, which would give them the right candidates with a degree of automation. They are aware of the means of filtering the pool of candidates and skimming the most appropriate ones. Yes, We are talking about the online recruitment tests.

Online recruitment test is the easiest way in today’s world to pick the best out of the lot. However, there are certain pain areas in the online recruitment tests as well. A few of them are addressed in this passage:

Problems in deciding the level of difficulty in the proposed questions:

Many corporates fail in selecting the right candidates or lose out on prospective candidates because of the following three mistakes they do while framing the questions:

  1. Questions with difficulty level too high: In such a situation, there is a possibility that many prospective candidates drop out.
  2. Questions with difficulty level too low: In this case, the whole purpose of conducting the online recruitment test will not be met as the candidates cannot be filtered properly.
  3. Moderately difficult questions with lot of time to analyse: In this case, the questions are intelligently framed. But, too much time to solve it makes the difficulty level too low which again doesn’t serve the purpose!!

Difficulty in time allocation for different verticals of questions:

Another critical issue while conducting online recruitment tests is that, normally ,the timeslot for the entire test is specified. But, the desired time of completion for every question is not specified. This becomes a really critical issue when the candidates are tested in different verticals. The candidate’s performance analysis may not be done in a right way in this case.

 Eg: In case, a candidate is tested with two different verticals, i.e., MCQ + Coding. He may spend too much time on MCQs and his coding abilities may not be assessed at all. Or, He may score very well in coding by taking more than the required time and may just give a random guess to the MCQs. In either of the cases, the assessment is not made in the right way.

So, how can these issues be resolved?

Well, companies like Evalground, Hackerrank, Hackerearth etc, have come up with the idea of “Time Boxing” or “Sections”.  It means that, these companies allocate a specific time for every question within which, the candidate should be able to solve the question.

By incorporating this strategy,

  • Moderately difficult questions can be posted with a time box. In this case, the candidates with a higher aptitude will be able to solve in the the specified time. It becomes easier of the employer to skim the right candidates and not to lose out on the prospective ones by proposing questions with difficulty level too high.
  • In case of different verticals of questions as stated in the example above, all MCQs can be allocated with a lower time duration and Coding questions can be allocated with a longer time duration. By doing so, the employer will get a clarity that the candidate had enough time to address all the questions. This will help in getting the right candidates out of the lot.

There is no right or wrong way of conducting the online recruitment tests. It basically depends on the requirement of each employer. However, Incorporating the concept of “Time Boxing” will help in the optimum utilization of the online recruitment platforms.

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