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The Best Way To Recruit Android Developers

The Best Way To Recruit Android Developers

In this revolutionized world, there are few things which are becoming so popular that nobody can deny their strong presence in day to day life. Among these developments, one such breakthrough that stands out is the Android Operating System.

Android OS has proved to be the best user-friendly smartphone operating system software with the highest number of users around the world.

To hire the best Android Developer, what should you be looking for?

Since Android is based on Java, there are lots of people who claim to be able to write Android programs. However, Android is its own beast, & a simple & basic knowledge of Java is not enough to claim competency & skills as an Android developer. Android is appealing to developers, manufacturers, & customers as it is open source in nature.

So what should you be looking for? and where should you look to find one? why? right here at evalground.com

Evalground helps you in filtering the candidates and makes sure that your Android developers have a good knowledge of the Android open source ecosystem and Java fundamentals (programming skills), understanding of the underlying Java platform, which serves as the foundation for any good Android application.

This guide will help you in understanding the best way and easiest way to hire android developers.

At Evalground, our recruitment philosophy is simple. Make the recruitment test as closely aligned with the actual job as possible.

The best way to filter candidates for an Android App development role is by asking candidates to build an Android App.

You should test for basic coding ability to ensure that the candidates can write code. But, questions like the one below, truly test the candidate’s App Development skills.

The candidate can be presented with a Simple Calculator Android App that has a few bugs in it.

  • The + and the – operations seem to be reversed.
  • The order of priority should be / * + – (division, multiplication, addition, subtraction) which is not maintained.
  • Divide by zero causes the App to crash.

In addition to fixing such bugs, the candidate can also be asked to add new features to the Calculator App, like including brackets in the calculator and ensuring that operations within brackets are given the highest priority.

A reasonably good Android App developer, who has the development environment all set up before the test, should be able to complete this sample challenge within 2 hours.

Evalground enables you to hire the best Android App developers for your openings by optimizing the recruitment funnel.

See the Getting Started Guide for more details on creating your own online tests. Evalground Online Recruitment Platform – Getting Started Guide

You can sign up for a free trial. We are always available for a Demo session at your convenience.

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