The Most Effective Tests Recruiters Can Use To Analyze Language Proficiency

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The Most Effective Tests Recruiters Can Use To Analyze Language Proficiency


As a recruiter, it should be important to you that your potential hires undergo rigorous language testing before applying to a position. It’s a well-known fact that studying languages has many benefits other than the most obvious one. This activity can help one hone their interpersonal skills, public speaking, attention to detail, communication ability, analytical abilities, and their cultural awareness.  These qualities are just what many recruiters are looking for.

With so many different job profiles requiring proficiency in different aspects of language, how does a recruiter decide what to test a specific candidate for a specific role?  There are specific elements of language that are more important for certain roles than others.

We know that testing global competence in English = testing proficiency. This is not limited to any single course or language skill. These tests evaluate reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and vocabulary.

Imagine you are looking to fill a position in which the candidate will have to write professional emails and know how to communicate effectively – which skills should you asses and how would you go about it?

Here we will consider some specific job profiles, their requirements, and what language skills assessments would be best suited for candidates to take when applying for this position.

Marketing Executive –

For this position in any company, this job profile would require high levels of language proficiency in speaking, reading comprehension, writing, and listening comprehension.

To measure proficiency in these fields, recruiters should consider giving potential candidates a well rounded and cumulative test or more that one test measuring proficiency in different skills. The following test is a customized test comprising of questions that test all of these skills.


Sales Representative –

Naturally, this role would require excellent spoken language proficiency since a sales representative would be communicating with many different clients and written proficiency to complete any required reports. One such test to test writing proficiency could be the following one provided by evalground.


BPO Call Centre Customer Support –

Undoubtedly, a recruiter would look to testing spoken language proficiency when looking to fill this position. A suitable test for this would be the following: https://evalground.com/code4/#/publicview/test/candidate/token/dgnlzglq

Online assessments like the ones mentioned above are by far the fastest, most efficient and convenient ways of measuring language proficiency for recruiters.

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