Tips to help with mass hiring for your business

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Tips to help with mass hiring for your business

In any business, mass/bulk hiring can be a primary challenge. If ever you need to hire additional staff to meet production or other business needs, consider yourself both lucky and cursed. Taking the time to find the right person with limited resources and lack of adequately trained HR, hiring even a single new employee can end up consuming tremendous resources and time. Seeing that the best and the brightest people line up for your company is the key goal of any organization, but this requires some serious creativity in the recruiting efforts.

Now, what if you need to hire a lot of people and make it undeniably fast?

How to improve hiring practices for bulk hiring and where to start..?

  1. Opt for an on/off campus drive.

    Every year, many companies conduct on/off campus recruitment drives to hire fresh engineering graduates throughout India. The requirements are in large numbers giving fresher’s an amazing opportunity to grab a job after graduation.Campus Recruitment is the way to go if you want your workforce in masses.Traditional methods can take up anywhere between 1-4 days of manpower and physical campus visits. Advanced methods today using online portals reduces this time to few hours and saves a lot of money.

  2. Mass-mailing

    Bulk mailing or mass mailing generally refers to a mail that is mailed and treated in bulk at compact or cheaper rates. The term does not represent any particular purpose for the mail, but is sometimes used (incorrectly) as a synonym for “junk mail”.The procedure of sending the same email message to a large number of people at the same time makes the job recruitment process easier.

  3. Tie-up with manpower consultants who can dedicatedly give you candidate line-ups

    A manpower recruitment consultant basically behaves as an intermediary between organizations (corporate) i.e. those seeking to recruit staff and the people who are looking for a job.  In this process, corporate gets in touch with the Recruitment Consultants to know about their charges or recruitment makes calls or arranges meetings with various businesses to make a tie up and get results from them. Recruitment and retaining are responsible for the company’s Sales Force with the suitable candidates willing to fill the gaps and ensure the best results with the help of consultancies.

  4. Internal references

    Focus on internal references, which are one of the best and simultaneously cost-effective sources for bulk/mass hiring. There’s no arguing that references are really an important part of the hiring process. They offer a valued vision into a candidate’s workplace accomplishments and personality.

  5. Newspaper advertisement

    Newspaper Advertisements have been around longer than any other form of advertisement we see nowadays. Basically, the advertisement would be displayed alongside regular editorial content. Display ads are generally used by businesses and establishments for the promotion of their goods and services and are generally for larger budget clients.The reason is that readers trust newspapers as they have shown strong results with the advertisements published.

  6. Online recruiting software

    You can think BIG to move FAST..! Last but not the least on the list, is online recruiting software. This is quite famous these days.  Carrying out campus drives has been a very traditional approach. The new advancement in the space of online assessments and applicant tracking systems have made it easier to carry out these drives. Nowadays, companies are conducting virtual campus drives where they use online assessment platforms like Evalground, HackerEarth, Mettl, HireVue etc along with some of the Applicant Tracking Systems like applicant tracking system (ATS), which is a tool that enables companies to electronically manage their recruitment requirements. It is quite similar to the well-known term customer relationship management (CRM), but is designed precisely for recruitment tracking purposes. The online assessment platforms help recruiters in the initial screening of potential candidates.

In this scenario, they generate a test link for the test and share it with the placement department of the college. College authorities make arrangements for the conduction of the online test on a stipulated date. Once the test is conducted, you can shortlist the candidates based on their performance reports available on the online platforms and take them forward for interviews.

You will have to do things differently if you want to avoid sifting through a massive stack of poor-fit resumes or if you want to reach your dream candidates who already have a job elsewhere. So, with the help of recruitment software services, the process can be fast-tracked from sourcing to onboarding.

Ultimately, these are the reasons many companies are embracing online recruiting software and getting great results.

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