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Evalground is an online assessment and applicant evaluation system, focused on helping recruiters in screening potential candidates. We also provide a complete applicant tracking system (C-Track), where in, the complete lifecycle of an applicant (from a recruitment perspective) is tracked and managed

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Importance of Onboarding

Importance Of Onboarding To Retain New Employees

After the candidate goes through the recruiting process – which is quite an endeavor in and of itself – you then have to warmly welcome the new recruit and tell[…]

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Conversion Rate

How Online Assessments Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

When you are a recruiting manager and you’re handling a team of recruiters it is very easy to misunderstand and think that your top billing recruiter is also your top-performing[…]

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Quality of Hire

Recruitment Metrics: Quality of Hire

As very famously tech guru Steve Jobs once had said, “Quality is more important than quantity”, we could not help but agree with him. Also, it has always been the[…]

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video interviewing tips

Video Interviewing Tips and How to Ace Them

Once upon a time not too long ago in the past recruitment representatives depended on one-dimensional, text-based resumes and CVs to begin refining their applicant pool. As innovation has advanced,[…]

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