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Implementing Online Assessment to Hire Developer

For most companies, the importance and advantages of hiring a skillful and talented developer cannot be overstated. However, most recruiters would agree that technical recruiting can be a demanding and strenuous task. Finding candidates with the correct aptitudes, skills, meeting compensation and benefits expectations, contending with bigger brands, and following rules and regulations are maybe…
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Technical Interview Question on Puzzles – The Ultimate Balance Puzzle

The Ultimate Balance Puzzle There are 12 balls, one of which is different in weight (can be heavier or lighter) Find the odd ball using less than 3 weightings of the balance The Solution FlowChart Assume that the balls are identified as b1, b2, … b12. If we determine that a ball is normal, it…
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Technical Interview Question on Puzzles: Missionaries and Cannibals

Missionaries and Cannibals Three missionaries and three cannibals must cross a river. There is a single boat which can carry a maximum of two people and there must be at least one person on board (the boat cannot cross by itself). On either bank, if there are missionaries present, the count of missionaries must be…
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Technical Interview Question on Puzzles: The Monty Hall Puzzle

The Monty Hall Puzzle You are the contestant on a Game Show. There are 3 doors – say A,B and C – and behind one door is the prize of a million dollars. The prize is randomly placed and the probability of finding the prize behind any door is 1/3. You get to pick one…
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