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For most companies, the importance and advantages of hiring a skillful and talented developer cannot be overstated.

However, most recruiters would agree that technical recruiting can be a demanding and strenuous task. Finding candidates with the correct aptitudes, skills, meeting compensation and benefits expectations, contending with bigger brands, and following rules and regulations are maybe the hardest challenges for any business. In this article, we have discussed in detail how to hire developer who is going to be the next technical superstar in your team!

What is amazing and astounding is that some research reports suggest that start-ups discover raising funds easier than employing the right talent!

Say, as a recruiter, you’re searching for top-quality individuals who identify with the technical issue your organization is facing and they try and solve it. If there is a chance that they identify with it, they’ve got to be motivated enough to tirelessly work on it. Furthermore, if they are eager to perseveringly take a shot at it, they will have to agree to the compensation provided and add value to the company equity as well. So these are a lot of ticks that you need to match when you are trying to hire developer.

The developers of a company are in charge of utilizing a wide variety of programming languages to design, plan and build a site starting from scratch. When a site is built or created, organizations incline toward the maintenance and optimization of these sites. Of course, the competition to enlist the right people to carry out the activity is at a fever pitch—and thus, more than 72% of the present recruiters agree that technical hiring is one of the most grueling tasks ever.

It’s a well-known fact that organizations today are hoping to recruit young and talented software developers. Be that as it may, at the moment the industry is swathing with many brilliant developers out there, how will you set apart “THE ONE” from every other person applying for these coveted roles?

So, when you hire developer to keep a few pointers in your mind:


Know who you need

Before you get all gung-ho about employing engineers, recognize what your prerequisites are. The more particular you are, the better the channels you have. A characterized set of aptitudes will enable you to begin looking in the correct spots. Likewise, this lucidity in what you’re searching for will come through in your correspondence (Read “What’s the matter with the present tech sets of responsibilities?” to see how equivocalness can hurt you). For instance, do you need a database engineer or a front-end designer? It is safe to say that you are certain you are not confounding a website specialist with a web engineer?

Know where to look

When you have characterized a need, accumulated contributions from all partners, conceded to applicant determinations, the subsequent stage is to set up your pursuit procedure. Sourcing alludes to proactively distinguishing individuals who are:

  • Not currently searching for a job (passive job seekers) or
  • Who is currently scanning for a job (active job seekers).


Now you proceed onward with screening the candidates. Applicant Tracking System and other recruitment tools such as online assessment tools have made a recruiters’ life less demanding by eliminating the cost, time, and exertion they invest into attracting, managing, and retaining employees.
In traditional technical hiring processes, you welcome applications, screen manually, meet shortlisted candidates and finally recruit them. Be that as it may, this procedure isn’t practical, adaptable, or exceptionally exact.

Interview and Meeting

It is a two-way road. Both the applicant and you will be settling on a few choices here. When you have “perfect applicants” in your grip, you try to decide if they:

  • Are enthusiastic about what they are doing or excited about what they would like to do,
  • Can communicate successfully,
  • Have a decent grasp of their subject matter,
  • Would be somebody your team will appreciate working with.

However, in most cases, keeping all these things in mind, when you add up the costs for all the recruiting tools and recruiter salaries, your average cost-per-hire on a let’s say, Systems Administrator role will probably be higher than it is for a Back-End Developer. 

However, there is good news.

Since the internet’s explosion, online assessment tools have become a sigh of relief for recruiters.

The best news is that online assessment tools help you in all of the above. 

It is absolutely sensible for any organization to focus on increasing their confidence in a candidate by checking their hands-on coding ability before committing anyone’s time to a live interview. It’s good for the candidate too – if expectations on ability are mismatched, a live coding interview can turn out to be a difficult experience.

This used to be all but impossible, but there is a wide choice of online platforms now that make the job much easier. One such platform is Evalground which specializes in various technical aptitude tests and Programming Tests which enables you to make an informed decision by assessing a candidate thoroughly. Assess a candidate on their basic as well as advanced knowledge on coding while evaluating their job fitment and cultural fit as well. The meticulously customized are tailor-made by our subject matter experts backed with an extensive premium questions library which will enable you to pick the best of the lot. This makes the whole process easier while you are trying to select a top-performing all-rounder and allows you to check the technical soundness of the candidate while you hire developer.

How Online Assessment Can Aid You To Hire Developer:

Save big on time and money

It’s an exceptionally efficient method in which you can focus on such candidates who are worth moving forward into the next phase. Because no matter how many candidates you have to consider, they can be evaluated simultaneously in a matter of a few seconds. This approach is very easy and more cost-effective than any traditional method.

Minimize the risks of a bad hire

Online assessment test reduces the probability of hiring a candidate who does not match your specifications by more than 60%. Hence, No more long hours will be lost going through an endless number of candidates who might turn out to be a bad hire.

No more legal risks of hiring

Online assessments are downright automated. Objective and even-handed hiring that online assessments provide can save you from any possible future lawsuits that might come your way from any dissatisfied applicant.

Reach a bigger audience from the comfort of your cabin

With online assessment tools, you can actually target a far wider audience without altering your existing recruitment strategy. 46% of the total world’s population uses the internet and if we talk about developed countries it’s up to 80% of them have an internet connection. So, as the data says, if you are looking for young talents, then e-recruitment or online assessment tools are probably the single most effective and efficient strategy possible.

Not just data, complete test analysis, and accessibility options

What best than have measurable results.

Hiring managers need tremendous computing power based on data science and smart algorithms, all working together in a way to quickly make sense of data in form of results for them. In other words, a kind of measurable insights which are easy to implement. In terms of accessibility options, if you implementing online assessment tools into your hiring process, then you can do everything that we have mentioned above.

Instant diagnostic reports to find quality candidates

How do you separate a good hire from a bad one? Online assessment tools come to the rescue here with automated and comprehensive reports of the candidates based on their performance in the test. These reports will be delivered straight to your desktop enabling a recruiter to analyze results with ease from their cabin. Also, they can increase the probability of hiring quality candidates and also help screen and select the best-suited candidates for the specific job profiles.

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