Technical Aptitude- Role Specific Assessments

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Technical aptitude-  Role Specific Assessments

Trying to hire tech talent with high technical aptitude skills is every recruiter’s every day rut.
Now of course in most cases, candidates needs to have hands-on experience in one of the programming languages and even a basic understanding of the rest as concepts.
What we need to pay attention here as recruiters is that they also require a strong sense of reasoning and a structured approach to problem solving.

What do Aptitude Tests measure

Technical aptitude helps assess a candidate’s:

  1. Ability to reason with logic
  2. Problem-solving ability
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Numerical computation and numerical reasoning
  5. Attention to nuances and detail
  6. The inclination to learn, digest, and apply information
  7. Interest to keep up with the fast paced, ever changing tech space
  8. Determine the standing in the market
  9. Determine concentration and the ability to focus on one or more tasks all the while avoiding distractions.
  10. Look for specific cognitive functions that test a candidate’s attention, working memory, reasoning ability, etc.


Types and Application of Technical Aptitude Tests

The areas where technical aptitude assessments can be applicable is vast and can be customized keeping in  mind the industry and the requirements.
These assessments can be applied to all job applicants from an array of  industries ranging from quantitative aptitude tests, sales aptitude tests, manager  aptitude test, accounting aptitude test to finance, tech, design, etc, across all job functions.
Now this whole process of assessing candidates on any of the above mentioned competencies is now served to you the recruiter in a  golden platter. The entire process is automated with the help of online assessments that can be hosted on platforms like Evalground. This way you can see that you have filtered out, high quality candidates to the final rounds.
Some of the areas covered include, arithmetic aptitude, logical reasoning, data interpretation and analytical skills, IQ test, problem solving ability, etc.
Specifically talking about the technical aptitude for software developers, the tests assess candidates on their coding ability in test cases, their conceptual knowledge, problem solving, along with their ability to step up and face complex situations by arriving at solutions. Especially since software developers as such are involved right from designing to the testing of a software product.

The accuracy of the Aptitude Tests

When we talk about technical aptitude tests specifically designed for assessing candidates, what these tests do is they paint a very accurate picture and the candidate’s ability to come out meritorious. We have already covered the various aspects the assessments cover, but the one thing that remains is that in the end they all afford the recruiter valuable information that can just not be spotted from the traditional pen-paper tests or the face-to-face interviews alone.
These tests can be tailor made keeping the actual vacancy and requirement in mind.
Does it not make sense to actually make sure that the aptitude, skills and knowledge you are assessing is indeed relevant to the position open won’t it other skew the results and make the decision biased or inaccurate?
Online assessment platforms can be a give easy to interpret results that are representative of performances very similar to that of actually placing the candidate on the job.

How do online assessment works

Let me very quickly talk to you about how the online assessments test go about helping you the recruiter streamline your entire assessing and hiring process by also making it time and budget friendly.
Simply put, the entire process can be broken down into four simple steps:

Test Creation

Recruiter creates an online test and invite candidates

Test Conduction

Candidates take the test in a proctored online environment.


Recruiter gets a detailed report of evaluated results.


Yup. That’s all. Recruiter has the list of relevant candidates.

Online assessments and hiring

Firstly, it is important to understand that online technical aptitude tests can be used for:

  • Campus Hiring
  • Walk-ins
  • Hackathons
  • Campus brand ambassador
  • End-to-end hiring
  • Get creative, the tests can be custom made for scenarios


Role specific technical aptitude test

All of these tests are developed by an experienced team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) who frame and review these assessments and add it to the extensive library.
Once the test is taken, the recruiter will now have a detailed, yet easy to interpret, analysis of the test results. Now you, the recruiter can make an informed hiring decision saving on time and costs.

PHP Test

PHP Online Test has been designed to assess the knowledge of candidate in PHP. The test contains a mixture of questions on different aspects of PHP like array, looping, functions, etc. The coding skills of the candidate are assessed using coding questions.
Most common profiles this test is used for:
PHP Developer (1 – 3 years)

QA Test

QA Tester Assessment are designed to assess a candidate’s interpretation, ability to analyze and basic computer skills. Questions range from a popuri of quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, basics of computer science, etc to evaluate the test taker on basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
Most common profiles this test is used for:
Software Engineer trainees
Software development- Interns

Android Test

Android Online Test are designed to assess the candidates in Android app development. The assessments contain questions on different aspects of Android like Android Activity life cycle, Basic User Interface Design, Intents and core Java concepts. The test also has hands on coding problems that helps evaluates the coding skills and problem solving ability of the candidate.
Most common profiles this test is used for:
Android Developer (1 – 2 years)

UI / HTML Test

HTML Test has been designed to assess the candidate in areas revolving HTML and CSS. The assessment will contain questions on HTML tags, forms and CSS concepts.
Most common profiles this test is used for:
HTML and CSS developer (1 – 3 years)

Java Test

Java Online Test assesses a candidate’s programming skills along with a basic Java language knowledge and even the core java skills. Some of the areas covered in the test are Core Java, Data Types, Quantitative Aptitude, Syntax correction, Debugging, etc.
Most common profiles this test is used for:
Java Developer
Software Engineer trainees
Junior Software Engineers
Software development interns


SDET Test evaluates candidates on programming skills along with the potential hire’s basic theoretical knowledge with levels ranging from easy, medium to hard. The test contains different aspects of programming like syntax correction, debugging and problem solving. The highlight here is that the test also covers inductive reasoning problems, this is to measure raw intelligence apart from cultural belief and background of the test taker.
Most common profiles this test is used for:
Java Developer
Software Engineer trainees
Junior Software Engineers
Software development interns

Here for your reference is access to Evalground’s premium employability tests. 

Happy Recruiting!


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