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English Language Test Online

The dawn of the internet came with changes in all fields of life. Recruitment took a jump towards digitization as we entered this era. Online assessment tests have become this new craze that is the recruiters are smitten on. English language tests online are something that will help you comprehensively assess the candidate on their vocabulary, writing skills, and speaking abilities altogether at once. But, what are the criteria that an English online test should match which will ensure that the test is worth your time and patience?

The Council of Europe presented Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR). CEFR was developed during the day and age of 1989-1996. Since then, CEFR has been considered as a globally accepted framework of excellence to examine one’s effectiveness in the usage of a language extensively. It is a sort of reference guide that can be easily followed by anybody who wishes to educate, evaluate, improve, and enhance one’s skills regarding a specific language.

Well, there is no need to eat your heart out, as you can follow some checklist to ensure that the English language test that you are banking on actually is worth its mettle, and we are here to provide you with the same.

Grammar and vocabulary test

Roses are red, Violets are blue;

Incorrect grammar will never be cute.

You like a candidate perhaps, but the moment they start speaking or they write something the incorrect grammar and poor vocabulary kill the Grammar Nazi inside you. Choose an online test which has an extensive section on grammar and vocabulary. Cause, we all know one of the main reasons for miscommunications is that people many times fail to express themselves adequately or effectively. 

Writing skills

It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for a content writer or a business development executive, you cannot have a person who doesn’t have the basic writing skills and it ends with miscommunication on their part. Well, no one can have that, can we?

Well, articulate writing skills maybe is not something which makes or breaks your candidate, however, it is definitely a necessity.

Reading comprehension and listening skills

Include some questions which mandate them to listen to one comprehension and then answer questions based on that. These comprehensions will allow you to understand the listening, comprehension and apprehension capabilities.

English communication skills

Communication is a central activity that we as humans do on an everyday basis. Communication skills are considered as efficient or complete when feedback is received from the communication process.
But when in a work environment would you take the chances of having a miscommunication or rather screen the candidate beforehand and save yourself from any kind of ambiguities that might occur due to faulty communication?
Online English language test helps you screen the candidate on the basis of their verbal, written as well as comprehension skills for a well-rounded employee.

Automated reports and analysis

Efficiency and preciseness are what an online assessment tool brings into the report of a candidate and its analysis. The reports are detailed and analytical in nature where the candidate’s section-wise performance is analyzed and compiled for you to make a more informed decision.
When you opt for a manual examination process there are chances of committing errors while examining the answers. Online assessments ensure validation of the outcomes of the test. The results or reports created are validated for accuracy and efficiency.

Cheating prevention

They say that if you can cheat, you will find a way to cheat. Then why give them the chance to cheat in the first place? Sounds perfect? Well, it is.
Online tests have one benefit that will make you close your eyes and thank god for being benevolent. There are various features provided by online assessment platforms to ensure that student does not consort to cheating methods. Evalground has been a premium platform among its peers. They have been known in the industry to monitor and curb cheating methods undertaken by candidates.

They have features such as:
(1) Webcam Monitoring feature allows capturing of test takers’ periodic images during an exam/test.
(2) Window Proctoring feature mandates that the candidates stay on the test screen for the whole duration of the test.
(3) Copy Detection Module checks a submission across all submissions and gives a report with similar and diff metrics
(4) Question Pooling feature enables the showcase of a set of questions chosen randomly from a large pool of questions.
(5) Shuffle question and (6) Shuffle options feature shuffles the order in which questions and options are shown to a candidate.
(7) Force full-screen feature force the candidate to make full screen and then give the test.

The process of conducting an English language online test:

Let me very quickly talk to you about how the online assessments test goes about helping you the recruiter streamline your entire assessing and hiring process by also making it time and budget friendly.

Simply put, the entire process can be broken down into four simple steps:
1. Test Creation

The recruiter creates an online test and invites candidates

2. Test Conduction

Candidates take the test in a proctored online environment.

3. Reports

The recruiter gets a detailed report of evaluated results.
Done! Yup. That’s all. The recruiter has the list of relevant candidates.

Role-specific English language test online:

One test- many ways!

The need and importance of knowing and comprehending the English language have changed along with the time and requirements. Be it a technical person or someone from a non-technical background, English has become imperative. 
These online assessment tests are tailored by the subject matter experts (SMEs) in such a way that it fits the profile you are looking for to make a well-informed decision.

Job fitment determines the skills that a particular job profile requires and tries to match the candidate as per the requirements of the job profile. For a very long time, CEFR has referred to different levels which make an individual meet all requirements for various levels of employment parts. From base to the best level of administration of an association requires human capital with unmistakable capabilities and they assess you on various criteria. One of the criteria which is getting to be basic is the CEFR test. It is anything but difficult to split the test at the underlying level yet as you go to more elevated amounts, you need to put a great deal of exertion keeping in mind the end goal to break the exam. Here we will analyze different employment fitment online assessment tests that can be utilized to make a better-informed hiring decision.

Communication Skills Test

The Communication Skills Test has been designed and developed to help employers and recruiters to evaluate candidate’s proficiency in handling communication in the language of English.
Best Suited For Technical, Executive, and Administrative Roles

Customer Service Test

The customer Service Test is designed to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge in English, logical reasoning, reading and listening skills.
Best Suited For: Fresher

BPO Test – Evalground

BPO Test is designed to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of English, situational judgment, reading, and listening skills.
Best Suited For Customer Support Executive (1 – 3 years)

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