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One of the most common and practical ways of beginning your career search is by first thinking about the things that you are good at doing and then find a career matching your skills.

Improve your coding abilities by participating in online contests and hackathons on Evalground. As an interactive platform, Evalground gives you the opportunity to not only learn and master diverse computing languages and frameworks, it also encourages you to check your competencies. discover how nicely you have mastered a particular subject matter by collaborating in stimulating challenges where your understanding and skills of coding are examined to the core. emerging successfully from the sort of venture is bound to enhance your self-assurance ranges and catapult you in the first-rate stead on the professional front.

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Programming engineers in a way have to be engaged with all areas of advancement from programming, planning to test. They should have a hands-on exposure and involvement in at least one programming language and essential comprehension of engineering concepts. Also, they are required to have solid thinking and critical problem-solving ability. They are also required to have logical reasoning and an inclination to follow an organized approach.

For this today, there are online assessment tools that aid recruiters in achieving their targets in a superior and exponentially effective way.

Evalground is one such platform that specializes in technical aptitude tests and quantitative fitness tests which enables the selection representatives to assess applicants on basic, advanced, tangible and other intangible soft skill capabilities to guarantee that top performers with the right cultural fit and job-fitment, get to the last interview rounds. Our meticulously crafted, subject matter expert backed, the library will enable the recruiter to pick the best of the class candidates from the lot. This will help streamline the entire recruitment procedure by influencing it and cutting down on time and costs.

Presenting an exciting gamut of contests, Evalground offers you the power of choosing from a variety of tests primarily based on difficulty level and skill. depending on your expertise, you can take the check on your preferred desire of language or skill set. collaborating inside the challenge is just half of the amusing, as at the end of the project, if you rating the best you furthermore may get to win a thrilling fee. you can either opt for prize cash or a activity provide.

Innumerable companies recruit applicants primarily based on their score and the way properly they’ve mastered a particular language, framework or talent. Each of the challenges and hackathons listing out the abilities required along with top lead ratings noted at the leaderboard. The policies related to the demanding situations want to be observed stringently.

In case you are amateur, you may begin with an easy stage checks together with Linux simple or clean stage of C++ and C. With a large number of members taking the take a look at one given time, it’s far vital so that you can be absolutely prepared to crack the test and grow to be a winner. So, take the project now on Evalground to measure and¬†improvise to your current competencies.

Ridiculously Simple to Use

1.Create a Test

Pick from an inexhaustible list of pre-built assessments or customize one to fit your requirements.

2.Invite Candidates

Generate a test link that can be sent via email or have a public link generated that can be shared on platforms, social media, etc anywhere in the world to open the opportunity to the candidate.

3.Finalize on the top picks

Detailed reports to help you the recruiter, decide who you want to move ahead in your organization.

Our Top Hands-on Technical Skills Assessments

Programming Test

Conduct online programming challenges on Java, C, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, and PHP. Conduct hackathons to evaluate hands-on technical skills and test Data Structures & Algorithms.

Software Development Engineer Test – Evalground

Evalground’s Software Development Engineer Test assesses hands-on programming skills in addition to basic theoretical knowledge of potential hires. The test covers different aspects of programming like syntax correction, debugging and problem-solving. The test also covers inductive reasoning problems in order to measure raw intelligence apart from cultural belief and background of the candidate.

Using powerful reporting, you will have a detailed analysis of test results to help you make better decisions and predict candidate and employee success.

Advanced Java Online Test – Evalground

Evalground’s Advanced Java Online Test assesses hands-on programming skills in addition to basic Java language knowledge of potential hires. The test has been designed and developed to help employers and recruiters evaluate the Core Java skills of candidates. The test contains meaningful programming questions on Core Java, Data Types, and Quantitative Aptitude.

Ruby on Rails Test- Evalground

The Ruby on Rails Test has been designed to assess the knowledge of the candidate in the Ruby and Rails framework along with Hand-on coding questions. This test has been developed and reviewed by qualified and experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME). The test contains well balanced and meaningful programming questions based on Ruby on Rails, SQL Basics, and Hands-on coding questions.

PHP Skills Test- Evalground

PHP Test has been designed to assess the knowledge as well as the skills of the candidate in PHP. This test has been developed and reviewed by our in-house qualified and experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME). The test contains well balanced and meaningful programming questions on different aspects of PHP basics like an array, looping, and functions along with OOP concepts. The test evaluates the coding skills of the candidate using coding questions.

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