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Evalground is an online assessment and applicant evaluation system, focused on helping recruiters in screening potential candidates. We also provide a complete applicant tracking system (C-Track), where in, the complete lifecycle of an applicant (from a recruitment perspective) is tracked and managed

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HR Digital Transformation and It’s Importance In Business Activity

Industrialists across various sectors are aware that the HR digital transformation is here and it is changing all business activities at a rapid speed. Organisations are now looking at the[…]

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Recruitment CRM

Recruitment CRM: Meaning and Its Benefits

Given the influence recruitment can have on productivity, growth, and business success; hiring the appropriate talent at the right time is a major priority for firms. In a time of[…]

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Student Management System: Top Key Features

The ongoing global pandemic has wreaked havoc on educational institutions’ ability to provide learning, education, and motivation to their students. Getting students and faculty back to school has been a[…]

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Online Assessments

How Online Assessments Changed Recruitment During A Pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic started it had disrupted the day-to-day operations of endless business organizations all around the world. Many were left with no option but to allow all their[…]

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