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Evalground is an online assessment and applicant evaluation system, focused on helping recruiters in screening potential candidates. We also provide a complete applicant tracking system (C-Track), where in, the complete lifecycle of an applicant (from a recruitment perspective) is tracked and managed

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Leadership Skills

Importance of Developing Leadership Skills In HR

In our daily lives, the term management means any activity that’s undertaken to stay things up and running. within the corporate world, the definition doesn’t change much. within the new[…]

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Soft Skills

Most Important Soft Skills To Become Successful

Soft skills ask both character traits and interpersonal skills which will influence how well an individual can work or interact with others. The term soft skills cover a good range[…]

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Recruiting Tactics

Recruiting Tactics To Enhance In 2021

It is well known among the business community that human resources are the most vital assets of any company. Business success is mostly dependant on the kind of people who[…]

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Email Etiquette

Important Guidelines to Professional Email Etiquette

Regardless of where you are in your profession, utilizing best practices for email etiquette permits you to establish a positive connection with potential employers, business contacts, and likely clients. With[…]

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