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Evalground is an online assessment and applicant evaluation system, focused on helping recruiters in screening potential candidates. We also provide a complete applicant tracking system (C-Track), where in, the complete lifecycle of an applicant (from a recruitment perspective) is tracked and managed

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Phases of Proactive Recruitment

Different Phases of Proactive Recruitment and It’s Meaning

Publishing employment posting and crossing your fingers isn’t the simplest strategy to draw in the proper talent. The same goes for filling in skills gaps only after things at your[…]

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Factors of Employer Value Proposition

Primary Factors of Employer Value Proposition Effecting Business

If you’ve just came across the term employer value proposition, or EVP, and are wondering what it’s all about keep it up reading! It’s a comparatively new term in HR,[…]

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How to Close Talent Gap

How to Close Talent Gap In An Organization?

In recent times one of the major problems faced by organizations across the globe is a huge talent gap which can become very expensive for an organization. When a talent[…]

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People Analytics

What Is People Analytics and How To Get Started?

The business environment is constantly changing which in turn creates an urgent need for better people’s decisions everywhere. At an equivalent time, the quantity of workforce data continues to grow[…]

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