Comparative Paid Features In Job Search Engines To Recruit New Talent

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 Paid Features In Job Search Engines

Being a recruiter, when you think of a job search engine, there are probably a few that will definitely pop into mind right away, like Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster or LinkedIn. But do you actually know that there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of job search engines out there in the current market?

Top recruiters clearly know that posting on the right job boards is an important component of any recruiting strategy. So, we’ve got some of the top job search engines, with information on pricing and key. If you’re a recruiter or employer you can Just look for these to find and recruit new talents.

Read the list below to hire great people, fast. This list includes detailed info on pricing and top paid features of different job search engines so that you can easily choose the best for your organization. So, just read on.

1. Indeed

Industries and Job Types: All

Price: $10 Minimum for PPC

Website URL: www.indeed.com

Services: Free Posting, Paid Posting, Pay-Per-Click, Pay Per Job Post

Indeed is the most famous job search engine in the current market. This website started as a multipurpose job search engine that would crawl into the web pages and index every posted job ever published on the web. Nowadays, Indeed has become one of the highly popular job board. As Indeed has a massive database of resumes and it also claims over 180 million unique visitors per month.

2. Craigslist

Industries and Job Types: All

Price: $15 Minimum

Website URL: www.craigslist.com

Services: Paid Posting, Pay Per Job Post

Craigslist is the most popular classifieds website so far. This portable to use job search engine also provides recruiters or employers to post their job details, which in return gets lots of applicants. Craigslist has a unique feature in which all the posted jobs on this website will focus on blue-collar personnel, entry-level roles and some white collar roles at a reasonable price.

3. Monster

Industries and Job Types: All

Price : $134 – $425 Per Post

Website URL: www.monster.com

Services: Paid Posting, Pay Per Job Post

Monster is famous and considerably ranked among the top 3 job search engines alongside Indeed and Careerbuilder compared in terms of total web traffic. This website has a large number of jobs with a great resume database. With monster the pricing policy is simply based on budget – the more you buy, the cheaper each post is( based on the number of postings).

4. eBay Classifieds

Industries and Job Types: All

Price: Free

Website URL: www.ebayclassifieds.com

Services: Free Posting

eBay Classifieds is for general job search engine and is free. In many ways, it is quiet similar to Craigslist – easy job posting and searching that will bring in a wide variety of candidates, and give any recruiter free access to them.

5. Mediabistro

Industries and Job Types: Media

Price: $297

Website URL: www.mediabistro.com

Services: Paid Posting, Pay Per Job Post

Mediabistro can be an outstanding place to post a job or searching if you’re really interested in finding passive candidates that work in the media industry. Posting jobs on Mediabistro can be easy for your job posts and search technique depending on how much money you’re willing to spend based on your total budget. Pricing policy is per job post, with discounts for bulk purchases. It’s a great way to head off searching through mountains of irrelevant resumes.

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