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Digital Recruiting 2016: The Best Practises

Digital Recruiting 2016: The Best Practices

Recruitment is constantly evolving with new trends and new technologies popping up every day.  In order to stay at the forefront of the recruitment industry, it’s important to be updated and be familiar with new updates associated with recruiting. Top 6 best practises Here we will outline the best practices that are being used in…
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Recruit Freshers On Campus; Off Campus: Entirely Online

Case Study Before using Evalground Online Testing Platform, Abyeti Technologies used to visit 4-5 campuses every year just for freshers recruitment. In 2016, Abyeti technically “visited” 40+ Engineering Campuses across India for recruiting freshers. They were able to widen their pool of applicants while reducing hiring costs at the same time. Online assessment tools and…
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Perks of Social Media Recruiting

Social media. What can we say about it that you don’t already know right? Updating status, uploading pictures and videos, Like, Comment, Share, etc. I am sure all these ran through your mind in a flash just as you read the words “Social Media”. But, how would you feel if we told you that social media is…
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