2017 Predictions for Hiring and Retaining Software Developers

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2017 Predictions for Hiring and Retaining Software Developers

One thing to be noted is that recruiting Software Developers will be the top priority of all businesses of any size in the future. It’s not exactly a “Prediction”, but a “Fact”. The ability of any enterprise whether a small business or MNC, to retain Software Developers will determine the future of their business.

Due to advancements in the tech industry and fierce demand of tech talent, the way hiring is handled is bound to be changed.

Here are some of the predictions for 2017 trends.

Prediction 1: Hunt for global talent

A huge chunk of small but high growth companies is showing interest in recruiting abroad. Previously, an international talent was a “BIG DEAL” for small businesses and startups to recruit. Only MNCs or large corporations with deep pockets could think of it. Now, because of rapidly advancing technology like video interviewing and tools that allows companies to conduct remote contests, it has become more easy and simple to procure notable candidates.

Prediction 2: Salary inflation

The same pool of developers are being sought after by tech start-ups, established tech companies, and Fortune 100 companies alike. If these fortune 100 companies can’t match the office culture and location benefits of their competitors, they have the advantage of increasing pay.

One such example it the retail giant Walmart. Top talent can easily be procured with their vast resources while tech companies and startups will naturally struggle. As salaries for software developers are already high and increasing, these large companies are the only ones who can afford them.

The promise of a higher salary is not all that attracts many software developers, however. Developers need to be challenged in their work so firms like Walmart will need to ensure the problems that they need to be solved are engaging enough.

Prediction 3: Coding classes in college

The higher salaries mentioned above along with increasing employer demand are making the position of a software developer more attractive to college students. Students are aware of the value of coding knowledge in the job market. As a result, students are more interested in taking coding courses. It is predicted that this year, the number of students enrolling for these classes will increase significantly. Additionally, it has been forecasted that 90% of all post-secondary graduates will have taken a coding class by 2020.

There is a big push for coding literacy on a global scale with schools implementing coding into primary education and more online resources such as CodeAcademy becoming available.

Prediction 4: Working from home

With continuous developments in technology, it is not necessary for workers to be physically present in their company’s office space. This is particularly true in the case of software developers as their work is computer and net-based. Employees can also inevitably save large amounts in transportation costs. In addition, with the world becoming more environmentally conscious, it is predicted that many more Software Developers will be looking for positions that allow them to work from home.

Prediction 5:  DevOps Software Development Hiring

Another factor to expect in 2017 is the increasing demand for DevOps engineers as it is becoming evident that integrating development and operations is important to serving customers better. This would prevent the responsibility of an unhappy client falling completely on the operations department after the product has left the software developer which is the usual case. As an attempt to rectify this, companies are closing this divide by unifying the two positions into one. The benefit of this has been noticeable with the result of higher quality products and more efficient delivery of the product.

The demand for hiring software developers is only increasing but hiring the perfect candidate for your company can be a difficult task. With the aforementioned predictions based on notable trends in the current year, you as a recruiter can keep your hiring process effective.

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