5 Tips For Hiring Remote Employees

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5-Tips-For-Hiring-Remote-EmployeesHire Remote Employees Efficiently!

Working from home is becoming the new trend in companies and rightly so. Surveys suggest that around 43% of the people work remotely and 70% of employees work away from office at least once a week. It’s no secret as to why more companies are moving in this direction.

Allowing employees to work remotely is a huge benefit in terms of cost-cutting.  A lot of people are ready to take a cut in their salaries if allowed to work out of office, from the comfort of their homes. But while all this is very colourful, most of the companies fail in effectively recruiting because they make the mistake of hiring remote employees the same way they would hire an in-office employee.

If you are having plans to hire remotely, fret not, we are here to give you 5 important tips which will help you recruit the right employees in the right way!

Tip 1 Build your online presence:

A remote employee may be in any part of the world and just having a small name does not help. Local candidates might be aware of you because they are geographically near, but when it comes to people in other parts of the country or even the world, you need to have a strong online brand identity. So, the first and foremost step is to have an amazing brand identity online which will attract potential candidates across the globe to be interested in working with you. Be sure to put honest and clear information about your brand out on the web which will prove that you are trustworthy enough to work with without being physically present in office. It is also very common for people working away from office to lag behind schedule if proper work culture and guidelines are specified. Though working from home provides great flexibility, it is important for you to keep your remote employees aware of the schedules they need to stick to! Testimonials are a great way to enhance your brand online. Having testimonials from people who have worked remotely earlier or are still working on your website can be a great boost of confidence to people who wish to apply for jobs.

Tip 2 Showcase your ads in the right places:

While it is important to have your ads posted across various social media, it is particularly of great importance to showcase ads in sites specific to remote employment to have a better result. Many online job portals have dedicated filters which help people to exclusively search for remote jobs. Make sure you don’t miss out on such websites to be more noticeable in the remote job seeking community.

Tip 3 Make communication easy:

Because of the limitation of not being present in office for the screening or any other communication, it is extremely important to have an easy way to communicate with employees working from home. While telephone conversation is the main point to contact, make use of other modern technologies like Skype, slack and which give a much more flexible and better communication experience. It is also important to use the right assessment tools which give you specific assessments exclusively for hiring remote employees as you don’t want to treat it as normal recruitment and make all the wrong decisions!

Tip 4 Don’t miss out on referrals:

While we talked about how hiring remotely is very different from hiring in-office employees, a referral is one thing that can be used in the case of work from home employees. Ask your remote employees to refer more people in search of such jobs.

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Tip 5 Offer good compensation:

 Don’t we all agree that at the end of the day, we all work to get the pay cheque every month end! It’s nothing different for people who work remotely. Just because you have given them the freedom to work from home, don’t think that compensation doesn’t matter! Providing fair and attractive compensation goes a long way in hiring good remote employees (for that matter, even any other employee). After all, paying a hardworking employee well is much better than paying less to someone who doesn’t get the job done!

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