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recruitment-softwareWhat is an online evaluation software and how will it help you as a recruiter?

The term recruitment software which was rarely heard a few years ago is the buzzword in 2019. All thanks to the evolving digital world!

Though many of us are aware of this trend, it can be overwhelming for some to comprehend what this actually means.

As the world has started moving towards the digital arena, the recruitment industry also needs to catch up.
Recruitment software is nothing but software tools which are supposed to make a recruiter, HR professional or talent acquisition department’s work easier by automating the recruitment process to some extent.

Software tools to aid sourcing candidates, screening their resumes, filtering out the irrelevant ones and finally helping HR’s to shortlist the best are all a part of the recruitment automation.

Recruitment software is built to help recruiters with a variety of tasks which include:
1. Sourcing candidates: Posting jobs on various platforms like job portals, social media channels, print media like the newspaper and posting vacancies in various talent groups are all a part of the task
2. Tracking applications: Tracking the applications received is a huge task. Doing it manually consumes a lot of time and gives rise to the probability of human error. Software, on the other hand, is built to handle and screen a large number of applicant resumes and keep track of the applications.
3. Pre-hire assessment: Won’t it be great if you as a recruiter get to interview only the best match and someone has already filtered them for you? That’s exactly one of the tasks of recruiting software. Using personality tests, psychometric tests as a pre-assessment step will save you from the hassle of interviewing a lot of applicants.
4. Onboarding: Certain software also helps with the after-process of selection like onboarding and training.

While recruitment software can accomplish a number of tasks for you, there are some features you want to look out for while choosing one to have the best results

  • A good software application should be able to do all of your most time-consuming tasks. Scanning through thousands of resumes for a single job opening is sure to give anyone a headache! The initial process of sourcing, screening and scheduling of interviews should be handled smoothly by a good recruiting software
  • Easy to use interface should also be a priority because we are sure you don’t want to keep a separate session to teach employees to use the software. It would be awful if you have to do that…
  • A precise dashboard which shows you very little detail is a must. It will be a waste if you spend your precious money on buying the software but it costs you more time than you would originally spend on doing things manually. The whole purpose of having automation is defeated.
  • The software should be able to integrate with your existing HRMS or ATS seamlessly without any hassles.
  • SaaS abbreviated as Software as a Service is also a popular feature which many recruiters look out for while selecting a recruitment software.

Types of Recruitment Software

It is not possible that a single software can serve all your recruitment needs. Some of the most common tools used by companies are ATS, CRM and interview software

  1. Applicant Tracking System: This tool is a saviour when it comes to screening the resumes sent by applicants. It has the capacity to browse through and sort thousands of resumes and picking the best ones. Whether a resume is going to please the recruiter or not, it sure has to please the ATS algorithm!
  2. Customer Relationships Management: Though CRM is a software designed to support sales and marketing professionals, its features can be effectively used to maintain relationships with potential candidates which is an absolutely essential part of the current recruitment scenario.
  3. Interview software: Due to increasing innovations in technology, an interview no longer has to be taken in the office. Many recruiters are opting for online interviews to save up time and also have the flexibility to find people from across the globe. A number of software applications like Skype are being increasingly used for interviews.

All that being said, the big question is

How to pick the right Recruitment Software?

  1. Every software ever invented came into existence to solve a problem. So the first point to keep in mind while choosing software is the problem that needs to be solved. For instance, if your biggest problem is handling resumes manually, you can choose software which will do the job for you!
  2. The software you pick should make your job easy, not more complicated! The interface needs to simple and easy to use.
  3. No matter what software you choose, it should integrate into your existing platform without much trouble. So, the next time you go hunting for recruiting software, be sure to checklist this point because you do not want to break your head later while trying to integrate it.

Benefits of using software in recruitment

  1. Use of software reduces the risk of human errors which are bound to happen while processing such huge amounts of information.
  2. Software applications also eliminate the possibility of bias during the recruitment process
  3. Use of software also speeds up the recruitment process.

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