How To Choose The Right Online Assessment Platform

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Online assessment platforms offer great benefits over real-time assessments in selecting employees for your organization by matching the right candidate with the right job role. One great advantage of using online assessments is that it eliminates the scope of human error.

Benefits of using online assessments:

  1. Saves companies a lot of time which would otherwise have to be spent to organise an offline assessment.
  2. Saves a lot of money needed to conduct the test physically
  3. The assessments can be taken by multiple candidates across various locations
  4. More precise results as it is done by a computer
  5. Online assessments give test takers the advantage to take up the test at their convenient time and place
  6. There is increased security associated with online assessments as all the necessary information is stored digitally. Hence, there are very slim chances of data being tampered with.

“Almost 75% of the organizations which have over 100 employees rely on online tools for their hiring process.”

With the internet offering a ton of online assessments, it often gets confusing. Which one to choose? Which assessment will provide the best result?

But, having said that, you don’t have to break a sweat! We are here to help you choose the right assessment for your requirements. Here are some of our tips on choosing the best

Before you dive into the whole process of picking the right assessment, here are three questions you need to ask yourself
  1. Does the tool evaluate the candidate’s performance to meet the required standards?
  2. Does the tool efficiently filter out students who match the job profile?
  3. Does the tool provide the required amount of security and protection to prevent cheating of any sorts? (This one is crucial as the assessment is online and there is no one around to monitor in real time)
  4. Does the tool provide an accurate and detailed report which thoroughly tests the candidate and gives all the necessary pointers required in the selection process?

So here are our tips

  • Ensure that the platform has an online library

Having an extensive online library is a big plus point for any online assessment platform. Evalground offers an amazing library covering a wide variety of topics.  It also offers options for the tests to be optimized and tailor-made to suit your requirements.

  • Automatic and Instant reports

Online assessments come with the advantage of getting accurate reports instantly as there is no need for people to go through hundreds of scripts manually and also eliminates human error which comes with manual correction of the test papers. Make sure that you pick an assessment that provides a detailed analysis of the performance and also pinpoints the strong and weak areas which are extremely essential to pick the right candidate. Evalground promises to provide instant and extensive analysis of the report.

  • Cheating prevention

Cheating is something which needs to be prevented whether it is in an online test or offline test. But cheating prevention gets more difficult online as there are no invigilators physically present to check upon the test takers so it becomes extremely important to choose an assessment platform which provides a secure and proctored environment to prevent cheating. Using mechanisms such as using the webcam and not allowing the candidate to switch browsers are a few mechanisms used to prevent cheating in an online test environment.

  • Good support post the test

A good online assessment platform should be able to give you the proper support before during and after the test. Whether it is related to the software as many recruiters will not be aware of using the platforms, or support regarding the reports there should be people available to talk to and guide through the process. Any online platform should have a good technical support system to help get through the process without any hassles.

If you still need further assistance, we at Evalground are here to help! Just specify your needs and we will create assessments on your behalf. We have our own set of assessments but if you want something more, we will customize it for you. We also have a large library where you can find a number of questions related to every topic you can think of!

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