Author: Kartik Karla

Recruitment Made Easy

7 Innovative and Creative Recruitment Campaigns

Traditional Tactics nowadays are of no use to attract top talent as they are bombarded with LinkedIn messages, ads and recruiting emails, these candidates have options. If we don’t opt for a proactive approach then this talent will slip through the net. ‘Out-of-the-box’, creative recruitment campaigns have helped some companies interact in a unique way…
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Attracting Top Talent – How can your startup stand out?

  Nowadays attracting talent is not just about who pays more or, for instance, who provides perks like concierge services that would pick up your employee’s dry cleaning, help to do basic domestic tasks, arrange foosball tables for recreation, free food and so on. It is about how you create a more desirable workplace than…
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Common Mistakes When Hiring For a Startup- What founders Miss When Hiring For The First Time!

Hiring is not easy and the biggest challenge arises when founders hiring for the first time want candidates with the right skills who are also at the right level. The first hire is usually the most difficult as the founders start to bend under the weight of running their business and need the help right…
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2017 Predictions for Hiring and Retaining Software Developers

One thing to be noted is that recruiting Software Developers will be the top priority of all businesses of any size in the future. It’s not exactly a “Prediction”, but a “Fact”. The ability of any enterprise whether a small business or MNC, to retain Software Developers will determine the future of their business. Due…
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