Practical Tips For Fresher Hiring On Campus

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Let’s first look at why you as a recruiter should probably try and rethink their age-old freshers hiring strategy  and move to online assessment tools for bulk hiring of freshers in campuses


  1. You take care that you don’t miss out on a bright student from a not so well known campus/remote campus
  2. The chance to lock in on the best students even before the pre-placement talks
  3. Engaging, on-campus student ambassador program
  4. Making sure, all your communications with the students at different touch points use multiple channels of communication, including mobile.
  5. The super power of recruiting remotely from the comfort of your cabin
  6. Exponentially improving the quality of the talent you recruit
  7. Block, tackle and be a step ahead of your competitors
  8. Staying ahead of constant looming retirements and a drain of intellectual capital
  9. Campus continuity will pays off and the returns make the effort worthwhile
  10. Online assessment platforms for fresher recruiting is the most cost-effective way to source and retain top diverse talent


Tips for hiring freshers at campuses

Here are a few tips to keep in mind and practise before hiring freshers and recruiting talent on campus:


  1. Keep abreast with the latest technology
  2. Make an action plan.
  3. Remember on the pre-placement talk, first impression goes a long way
  4. Bring out the big guns for locking in the best candidates before the pre placement talks
  5. Work hard, get creative and improvise on your brand presence in colleges
  6. Be innovative to land candidates who innovates
  7. Develop the capability of recruiting remotely. This is crucial!
  8. Take help to filter candidates using online assessment tools
  9. Sell work-life balance every chance you get.
  10. Show that for you, Career development matters. Absolutely!

Most importantly, remember, hiring fresher is definitely not about scrambling to set up job postings, information sessions and interviews at the last minute.

Ways to improve your brand recognition during fresher hiring

Studies show that retention rates are higher for employees that have previously interned at an organization or are familiar with a brand versus those that haven’t.

  1. Use social media to your advantage
  2. Engage with student clubs
  3. Get Creative
  4. Focus on your strengths and connect
  5. Internships and cooperative education programs
  6. Campus ambassadors
  7. Do not be a one time show
  8. Make the work challenging
  9. Create a long lasting relationship
  10. Utilise online assessment tools
  11. Highlight the perks
  12. Have a thorough interview session
  13. Have a review session from the faculty and placement cell
  14. Guest lecturing on real life scenarios
  15. Attend virtual career fairs for targeted


Top Fresher Hiring Tools

Let us know briefly run you through a few fresher hiring tools that can actually help in cutting down your time and costs in your hiring process.

  1. Online candidate assessment
  2. Social media has an influence on the efficiency
  3. Video interviews will help reduce cost
  4. Social Media Tools For Recruiters: It’s all about digital
  5. Leveraging Applicant Tracking Systems


Benefits of Remote Campus Recruiting in fresher hiring- Online Assessments

  1. It helps cut down on the travelling costs and time for both the candidate and the hiring managers.
  2. An organization can get a chance to expand and explore international possibilities, where an “inperson” campus visits might not be realistic.
  3. There are effective remote online recruiting tools available for recruiters today, that  would allow the recruiter to identify candidates that otherwise would not have been found using the traditional old school recruiting approach.
  4. The competition is much more subtle at a smaller or second-tier college, this way you will be likely to have lesser difficulty in approaching candidates.
  5. Host online contests and projects, and you will get to test drive your future candidates and   recruit a candidate with problem solving ability.
  6. Reach a wider audience and increase the percentage of total diversity hires.
  7. Make sure that you have multiple engaging touch points for prospective candidates with your brand
  8. Host hackathons and understand the pulse and aptitude of the candidates. This goes a long way in building your brand recognition as well
  9. You can say no to painful logistics as you can have an ambassador represent you
  10. Get rid of tedious pen and paper tests
  11. You can remove the probability of errors and online assessment platforms will provide accurate auto-evaluated results
  12. The assessments can also be customized and tailor made keeping in mind the industry and the requirement
  13. You get to analyze and tweak your strategies according to the reports generated

Action Plan

  1. Embrace Technology, you can save on time, money  and have a greater reach on the talent pool
  2. Go beyond campus career fairs for good branding
  3. Remember to ask for resumes at all your networking events, touchpoints and constantly update your database
  4. Always think long-term
  5. Ultimately, try locking in the best students before pre placement talks


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