How Online Assessments Changed Recruitment During A Pandemic

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When the Covid-19 pandemic started it had disrupted the day-to-day operations of endless business organizations all around the world. Many were left with no option but to allow all their employees to work from home or else face shutting down their businesses. This was being reinforced with global lockdowns, all across the world. While the world faced uncertainties in all industries, recruitment was no different. Hence, corporates started increasingly utilizing and adopting new technologies and recruitment software to leverage their hiring remotely. This ensured that hiring, as well as business continuity, was maintained amid disruptions. And today one of the best friends of recruiters across the globe is: Online Assessments!

Pre-employment aptitude, cognitive, domain, and psychometric testing, virtual interviews, data-driven campus hiring intelligence, predictive analytics for future capabilities, competence frameworks, and accompanying job-role mapping are all examples of today’s hiring tools. Organizations can now make scientific and objective employment decisions from the comfort of their own homes thanks to online examinations.

Why should you choose online assessments?

Save big on time and money

An online assessment tool is not only cost-effective but also the simplest, valid, and reliable way to identify top talents. And if you are ready to invest a little bit of money in online assessment tools, you will actually be able to save even more money during the complete hiring process. It’s an exceptionally efficient method in which you can focus on such candidates who are worth moving forward into the next phase. Because no matter how many candidates you have to consider, they can be evaluated simultaneously in a matter of a few seconds. This approach is very easy and more cost-effective than any traditional method.

Minimize the risks of a bad hire

They say that all it takes is a bad egg to ruin the lot. According to a study by Careerbuilder, it is proved that there was a 39% decrease in productivity due to a bad hire.

Online assessment test reduces the probability of hiring a candidate who does not match your specifications by more than 60%. Hence, No more long hours will be lost going through an endless number of candidates who might turn out to be a bad hire.

Bid adieu to the legal risks of hiring

Even super recruiters are human at the end of the day, who might have some personal biases and opinions which might hinder the process of recruitment. This is where online assessment can save you. Online assessments are downright automated. Objective and even-handed hiring that online assessments provide can save you from any possible future lawsuits that might come your way from any dissatisfied applicant.

Reach a bigger audience from the comfort of your cabin

With online assessments tools, you can actually target a far wider audience without altering your existing recruitment strategy. 46% of the total world’s population uses the internet and if we talk about developed countries it’s up to 80% of them have an internet connection. So, as the data says, if you are looking for young talents, then e-recruitment or online assessments tools are probably the single most effective and efficient strategy possible.

Not just data, complete test analysis, and accessibility options

What better than having measurable results.

Hiring managers need tremendous computing power based on data science and smart algorithms, all working together in a way to quickly make sense of data in the form of results for them. In other words, a kind of measurable insight which is easy to implement. In terms of accessibility options, if you implement online assessments tools into your hiring process, then you can do everything that we have mentioned above.

Instant diagnostic reports to find quality candidates

Being in this market at this point in time, as a recruiter, you should have a clear vision of what is needed for your organization. This vision can be streamlined into your day-to-day action items. And one of the major requirements is a quality candidate, because no matter the size of your company, a bad hire can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. But how do you separate a good hire from a bad one? Online assessment tools come to the rescue here with automated and comprehensive reports of the candidates based on their performance in the test. These reports will be delivered straight to your desktop enabling a recruiter to analyze results with ease from their cabin. Also, they can increase the probability of hiring quality candidates and also help screen and select the best-suited candidates for specific job profiles.

Eliminating human error

To err to humans.

So what to do in a delicate situation where a hiring error can cost an organization hefty when it comes to time and money.

The Solution:

Simply eliminating humans and bringing in automated online pre-assessment tools. Pre-employment skill testing can help you in finding a proper job fit between the candidate and the job you are recruiting for. Online assessment tools can help you here by matching the right candidate to the right job leads to increased productivity and reduced total employee turnover. One of the features of these tools includes an automated grading process that ensures all the test scores are objective and free of any type of human error.

User training

Online hiring platforms have the provision of providing assistance or training to the user. Any new tool or software needs some time to get used to. The online assessment tools available in the market provide support to the user, not only in terms of customer, technical and operational but also help in training a new user to understand the nook and crannies of the tool to utilize it better.

So imagine having a recruitment partner 24*7.

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