Real Things To Do To Retain Software Developers

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Real Things To Do To Retain Software Developers

Real Things To Do To Retain Software Developers

Beyond salary and benefits

Selling candidates on what your company can do for them beyond salary and benefits has become a necessity. Simple things like free food, month end parties, assigning mentors, etc go a long way. Companies today even go to an extent of hiring an in-house para-medic and an in-house masseuse for their employees.  

Room for growth

Employers duties don’t end when they make professional development available but they also need to encourage it. Pushing Technical Boundaries should be the goal and not just maintaining the legacy. It’s crucial to invest in technical and career development

Cool Technology- The Awesome, The Better

It’s safe to say developers always will like the latest version of anything. A variety of interesting, complex problems to crack will keep them engaged and on their toes.

Learning Culture

It’s important to continuously mentor and develop talent and keeping an eye on the future. Maintaining an innovative and responsive environment with knowledge sessions, learning events etc can motivate and nudge employees in the right direction.

Physical comfort– Simple ergonomics

The physical comfort of employees can affect their production levels. If desks, lighting, chairs, etc are adjusted properly, developers productivity levels improved and they seemed more content. For developers, plenty of whiteboards is a party. They make brainstorming in a group effective.

Recognition- a pat on the back

Who doesn’t love recognition? Whether employees are doing that task that no one else wants to do or have taken the initiative to do something new, every little opportunity for recognizing and appreciating should not be missed.

Flexible work hours

A stereotypical today’s software engineer is burning the midnight oil, motivated by solving the problem they’re working on. However, if them coming in a little late is scrawled upon, then it will leave the employees to walk in that less enthusiastic to work.  A shorter work week on those not so hectic times, that occasional paid vacation, etc can be a huge bonus.


This would mean giving employees more room to make their decisions, to think for themselves, to own their jobs. It simply means trusting them with the whole picture

Statistics show those businesses that gave employees autonomy, grew four times faster than the businesses using a more rigid hierarchy.

Good old fashioned respect

The final and most important motivator that every individual need is respect. Software engineers typically are proud of their intelligence and aptitude. But mostly, it is important to respect an employee’s individualism and unique talents.

An ideal situation where we get to retain a developer is when he/she has confidence in the prospects for the organization, feel like they are constantly learning, like and relate to the culture, and have a high degree of meaning, purpose and a sense of worth.

Ultimately, respect is when there is a culture of understanding how to best motivate each unique individual employee by having a  genuine interest in their happiness and success.

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