Reasons Why Good Software Engineers Quit: How To Retain Best Talents!

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Reasons Why Good Software Engineers Quit: How To Retain Best Talents!

Reasons Why Good Software Engineers Quit: How To Retain Best Talents!

So, if they’re going to leave, you should at least know why.

Shipping a continuous stream of great software requires more than just hiring top software engineers. So, now that you’ve selected the right candidates, how can you make sure that you snatch them away from your competition, and hang onto them once they’re onboard? Assuming that you’ve met such “checklist” items and are paying market wages, here are few tangible ways to know why software engineer quit and how to retain them in your pool.

Marking Up For New Challenges

In terms of software engineers, who themselves not feel continuously challenged or aren’t given the resources to grow their skill set are more likely to look for some other option where they can grow. Of Course! Challenge and growth have individual definitions and they vary in some conditions, but what we see as a good solution is to consistently brushing up and encouraging an honest and open environment so that engineers could feel comfortable speaking about their career growth and meeting challenges.

Gripping Technology

Yeah! It seems very obvious, but engineers thrive on teams that foster open mentalities on the use of new technologies. Sometimes poor long-standing technology stacks is the most significant and quickest way to lose talent. Engineers are not necessarily chasing companies that use the newest technologies, but they are looking to leave companies that have closed mindsets.

Mistaken Expectations

And usually it is very surprising that how engineers are being hired for a certain position and end up spending the first few months doing a completely different job from their current role. If they are going to be developing HTML templates for the first 3 months, say that. Don’t hide it. Many times, as human beings, we wait until it’s too late to talk about being unhappy with our job. Instead what engineers decide to do is jump ship and finds something new where they can ditch the unwanted parts of their current role.

Having a GOOD Team

One of the most important reasons why software engineers leave their companies is due to management. It seems they don’t find themselves with a good and supporting team or management. Sometimes, management keeps on shuffling in upper-level management that trickles down to operational changes on a technical team. And with this the most common pain points engineers talk about are added responsibilities and unrealistic new expectations that kills the current flow, disorganization of priorities, or lack of new/continued mentorship.

Money Over All

Being a recruiter, you have also been encountered a job seeker that is more likely to driven to a higher salary than what they currently have. So what you need to do is to proceed with a lot of caution prior to representing that candidate. And some of other reasons include a startup didn’t get proper funding, and an undergoing company going who can’t pay engineers their market value salary and they haven’t received a raise in over a year.

How Exactly You Could Retain Your Best Talents

Some of these factors are not preventable, but setting up realistic goals and incentives for raises will help you keep valuable engineers around longer. Clear cut steps to a bump in salary and honesty about the stability of the company will increase the longevity of your developers. Good news is that these reasons can be an easy fix by being communicative, open, and honest about what is happening within an organization and about how each person can be held accountable for their next raise.

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