5 Things Millennials Want When Looking For A Job

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5 Things Millennials Want When Looking For A Job

Millennials are a fast paced, potent demographic who now constitute the largest of all the generations to come. This means they are changing the dynamics of the workplace as we speak. These digital aficionados might have built a notorious reputation for themselves as being entitled and impatient, but they are here to impact markets both locally and globally. With their sense of civic responsibility, progressiveness and diversity, millennials are really reshaping the foundations of labour markets and how companies and talent acquisition teams deal with their potential candidates.

However, a recent study has shown that out of all the generations to come, the millennials consist the lowest number of engaged employees. This is because, since millennials are such great promoters of change, they feel like they might be waiting for their employers to keep up. Millennials are forming the backbone of change at the workplace and these changes are desirable by all age groups, for a better more productive work life.  So how do you stand out for the GenYs to notice you and what is it that they’re really looking for in a job? Here’s what millennials think.

Quick Responses

The millennials come from an age where they can tap into any knowledge or information at their fingertips. Want to know the best place to chill after work hours? Google it. Need to catch that movie in the next half hour? Book yourself an Ola. Instant satisfaction is not uncommon to them. So when they’re looking out for jobs or potential career moves they aren’t going to wait too long for your response. As a recruiter you have to be able to give them a quick response. Be open to new ideas and methods when it comes to dealing with millennials. They might prefer a video interview over driving miles to your office to attend one. Recruiters need to keep up with these fast paced individuals if they want a shot at hiring them.

Quality matters

Millennials are not down for working a grueling nine to five job, doing just the bare minimum. They want meaningful work that is impactful and really brings out their talent. They want to develop their skills and they come with a certain list of expectations. For millennials, the job they take up will be one that adds value to their career path. While most people obviously want a job that is purposeful, millennials are more likely to express this vocally, than baby boomers and generation X. Also, it may come as a surprise, but millennials’ needs and values align very much with previous generations. They too look for benefits such a paid vacations and health insurance, not just all you can eat crackers stocked in the pantry.

Flexibility of work

What millennials really want is flexibility of work in terms of timing and place. They want to be able to work not just from the office but from any other place, at least sometimes. Most millennials have grown up around working parents so having to balance between work and life is something that is essential to them. Also, a free workspace that is casual and doesn’t go overboard with the dress code is an added plus. For millennials flexibility means more employee engagement, greater loyalty and increased happiness and satisfaction. Flexibility in the form of telecommuting or alternating schedules or freelance work are all well appreciated by millennials.

They want to be given opportunities for leadership

Six out of ten millennials believe that their leadership skills are not evolving, according to a study conducted by Deloitte. Being an entrepreneurial generation, millennials believe leadership is a key aspect of workplace dynamics. They want to be given the chance to take the lead and create a positive impact complete with the responsibility of dealing with the repercussions of their actions. Another important thing that employers need to take note of is that millennials are not confrontational leaders. They believe in taking the opinions of all their members. Grave generalizations made about them, such as being entitled or lazy or wanting a reward for everything, shouldn’t hinder employers from giving millennials an opportunity to take up roles of leadership and prove themselves.

Millennials want to contribute

Millennials have a very strong sense of purpose. So they want to know how they will fit into an organization and what they can contribute to it. They want to be a part of the solution and will pick only those jobs that give them a chance to find one. Furthermore, they want to be a part of that company that also finds its place in the world in a wider sense. Millennials have a high sense of civil and social responsibility. Therefore they want to be associated with only such companies that align with such responsibilities. Personal goals and company goals need to match in order for millennials to be satisfied at their place of work.

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