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5 Things Millennials Want When Looking For A Job

Millennials are a fast paced, potent demographic who now constitute the largest of all the generations to come. This means they are changing the dynamics of the workplace as we speak. These digital aficionados might have built a notorious reputation for themselves as being entitled and impatient, but they are here to impact markets both…
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Target Passive Candidates : Using Social Media!

Employers need to realize they are in the face of an existential threat in terms of sourcing and hiring candidates who are active. When it is common to find active job seekers, however, it is often said that the best hires are those who aren’t looking for a job at all. These kind of candidates…
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Reasons Why Passive Candidates Are Popular Among Recruiters

We hear that the talk of the town is the elusive yet desirable passive candidate.  At any recruiters meet or on any recruiting blog, you will find that attracting passive employees is all the rage. And rightly so! The passive candidate is what a recruiter’s dream is made of. According to a blog post by…
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How to Use Social Media as a Recruiting Tool In Digital Age

Social Media Is A Medium For Both Work As Well As Play! This article will discuss the impact of social media in the current recruitment industry and how exactly you can use this platform as a recruiting tool. It will focus on how few companies and recruitment personnel are getting advantage of the social media…
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Top Online Tools

Top Online Tools that make recruitment faster and cheaper

Mistakes in talent acquisition come with high costs, an organisation however big or small can’t afford to ignore recruitment’s best practices. Today, it is simply not enough to post and pray! Implementing the appropriate technology and staying abreast of digital trends are key to attracting, hiring and retaining the right applicant pool. Hence without wasting…
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Perks of Social Media Recruiting

Social media. What can we say about it that you don’t already know right? Updating status, uploading pictures and videos, Like, Comment, Share, etc. I am sure all these ran through your mind in a flash just as you read the words “Social Media”. But, how would you feel if we told you that social media is…
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bulk hiring strategies

Best bulk hiring strategies you may have missed!

Looking for qualified candidates from the mass pool of recruitment is the most critical part of the recruiting process. Bulk-hiring can be difficult for any company regardless of its industry or size. Hence, to follow a well-designed recruitment plan it is always suggested to follow some bulk hiring strategies to ensure quality deliverables. It can…
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Mass Recruitment- An inside peek.

So, if we need a laptop we look it up on Amazon, for buying a house, go to the magicbricks.com, and for Samosas with our evening chai, we simply walk down the road to the little shack selling piping hot snacks. So, either in person or virtually we are done in a dozen hours. Now,…
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