Mass Recruitment- An inside peek.

Recruitment Made Easy


So, if we need a laptop we look it up on Amazon, for buying a house, go to the magicbricks.com, and for Samosas with our evening chai, we simply walk down the road to the little shack selling piping hot snacks. So, either in person or virtually we are done in a dozen hours. Now, don’t we all wish our sources of the mass recruitment process are sorted, and a perfect fit for our organizations be that simple!

Competent hiring and a strong mass recruitment process is the very foundation for a thriving business and is massively underestimated, procrastinated and is considered a secondary function of the business.

Turnover is expensive and the cost of bad hiring decisions runs high, the risks of not understanding how to do bulk hiring right is like an iceberg, what we usually foresee is just the tip. The results are not just employee- relations problems from hiring the wrong candidate, but can run deep, have a negative effect on the morale and erode the productivity of the entire team and impact the brand in multiple levels.

It’s hard to find tech talent, and even harder to identify and hire diverse talent. This issue spans across industries. Several organizations and Tech companies flock to different colleges and universities for campus recruitment, and like everything ever, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few tips to help you with your mass recruitment strategies. Maybe even look at what not to do in your sources of bulk-hiring. 

Maintaining a strong presence on campus results in a positive return on the investment when we go over the mass hiring strategies. Statistically speaking, the selection ratio is much higher in campus recruitment as compared to other forms of recruitment activities. It also comes with a huge bonus of a high loyalty factor. University Recruitment helps companies to increase their overall candidate pool. It also is an efficient and standardized experience for the applicants.

Campus recruitment, however, can be an expensive affair and add up costs to the bottom line, it, however, doesn’t end there. A lot of travel, to and fro can be pretty exhausting on the team, especially during peak times. There is a training expenditure for the untrained candidates and other hard-to-quantify costs. There is also this chance of missing out on a good candidate. For example, The longer the process takes the more likely the candidate will lose interest. Also, talented candidates can have multiple offers at a time. It always helps to be prepared. 

From an organization’s point of view, it becomes highly essential to note if a candidate is a right cultural fit for the organization, especially if they are looking for mass recruiting. This is because it is important to try to find a fit for the team as a whole and not just the position. Gaining more clarity on how a candidate will perform in real-life scenarios will help eliminate a lot of misses.

Weak employer branding won’t attract quality candidates as there is cut-throat competition today. Hence, maintaining good campus relations and building powerful professional ties with the faculty and students alike can be crucial.

Companies should try and go that extra mile and work on other attractive tools of engagement and branding such as conducting career fairs, workshops, sponsoring fests, events, contests etc leveraging it with online tools such as Evalground, HireVue, HackerEarth. To stay in this competitive environment it’s important to not miss out on any opportunity in building relations and absorb talented and energetic candidates through campus recruitment.

Hence, providing more opportunities to an intelligent, receptive crowd is the key to brilliance, growth, and development in the market today.

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