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Hire a business analyst

Tips And Tricks To Assess And Hire A Business Analyst

As the global market becomes more complex, organizations will demand innovative and cost-effective technology implementation solutions as well as an appropriate means to communicate these solutions to their many stakeholders. This is why a corporation hires a business analyst in the first place. Business analysis has progressed throughout time. Businesses, corporations, and organizations that use…
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Innovative Tips To Improve Your Volume Hiring Strategy

Recruiting at a high volume is always a difficulty. You either need to recruit a lot of exceptional people in a short amount of time, or you have a lot of applications, or you need to hire both. Attracting competent candidates, reviewing hundreds of resumes, and making a slew of screening calls is a labor-intensive…
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digital skills training

Importance Of Digital Skills Training In Recruitment

Digital technology now touches almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Tech companies, and indeed all organizations in the digital economy, are coming to realise that digital skills are vital for employees in the digital era. It is more important than ever that new employees are cross-disciplined and have both hard and soft…
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Recruitment ROI

How To Calculate Recruitment ROI?

One of the most important questions to ask when embarking on any recruiting initiative is, “How do we measure our return on investment?” If you’re going to make your recruitment program the best it can be, you need concrete, measurable goals and solid data that shows whether you’re meeting them. Whether a recruiting drive ultimately…
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Recruiting Automation_

What Are The Uses of Recruiting Automation?

Recruiting automation empowers talent acquisition teams to automate the processes that till recently were performed physically. These technologies take influence from artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning and can be found at all phases of the hiring cycle. Recruiting automation technology innovations are utilized by organizations hoping to expand their competitive advantage in hiring. These…
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how to design an evp

How To Design An EVP?

Employer Value Proposition is that the value proposition which will make employment seeker apply to a corporation and keep an existing employee working there. The Employer Value Proposition of a corporation must be designed to suit the industry, align with the company branding and appeal to the sort of individuals the organization wants to draw…
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effective proactive Recruitment

Most Effective Proactive Recruitment Strategies For 2021

What is Proactive Recruitment: Proactive recruitment is singling out the best employees for roles within your organization that aren’t available yet. It’s picking out ideal employees before demand. Reactive recruitment is finding new employees for the roles that have just opened. Proactive recruitment is focussed on sourcing, engaging, and attracting candidates before hiring demand. With the…
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Reactive Recruitment

Meaning Of Reactive Recruitment And It’s Effect On Business

For many businesses, the hiring process probably begins when the corporate decides to feature a replacement role, when an employee leaves their position, or when an enormous project is arising and you would like more manpower. This is often called reactive hiring: hiring once you realize that a position must be filled. In time gone…
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importance of recruiting automation

What Is The Importance of Recruiting Automation?

With unemployment at the very best rate in 70 years, many talent acquisition organizations are finding themselves overwhelmed with job applications as people apply to as many positions as possible to undertake to seek out work. The surge in applications isn’t just taxing on recruiting systems, it’s stretching already-stretched recruiting teams, making it difficult to…
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Differences between Reskilling and Upskilling

What Are The Differences between Reskilling and Upskilling?

As the global health crisis begins to recede in some countries, the economic one is merely just beginning. As of May 27, 2020, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated that 94% of the worldwide workforce lives in countries with a severe threat to the closing of their workplace down. Businesses across a variety of sectors…
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