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Skills Gap Analysis

What Is Skills Gap Analysis and It’s Benefits

As industries and businesses everywhere continue their quick and steady evolution, organizations are experiencing a drastic change in the workforce skills they need to prosper and grow. Numerous researches have shown that as many as 375 million people globally are likely to look for new occupations by the end of the next decade to meet…
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what is reskilling_

What is the Meaning of Reskilling?

As the global health crisis begins to recede in some countries, the economic one is merely just beginning. As of May 27, 2020, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated that 94% of the worldwide workforce lives in countries with active workplace closure measures. Businesses across a variety of sectors face catastrophic losses, leading to many…
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proactive recruitment

Benefits Of Having A Proactive Recruitment Strategy

Publishing employment posting and crossing your fingers isn’t the simplest strategy to draw in the proper talent. The same goes for filling in skills gaps only after things at your organization starts to be critical. That’s why you would like to possess proactive recruitment strategies in situ. And once you consider that 67% of employed…
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Meaning of Employer Value Proposition

Meaning Of Employer Value Proposition

If you’ve just came across the term employer value proposition, or EVP, and are wondering what it’s all about keep it up reading! It’s a comparatively new term in HR, but the concept isn’t. what’s Employer Value Proposition? Briefly, it’s the salary, benefits, and compensation an employer offers employees reciprocally for his or her skills,…
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importance of diversity recruiting

Importance of Diversity Recruiting Strategy

Within the HR industry intelligentsia, diversity recruiting has always been one of the hottest topics, however, in the recent few years, it has become one of the major goals of many organizations. The importance of diversity recruiting has grown exponentially in recent years and it is something that is a major goal for many companies.…
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Recruiter Performance

How To Measure Recruiter Performance?

To compete, evolve, and remain relevant, today’s most forward-thinking businesses prioritize the continual improvement of their internal processes while measuring their success with pinpoint accuracy – and hiring talent is not any exception. Once you are hiring to fill critical positions for your company, you would like quick access to basic metrics that will indicate…
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video interviewing tips

Video Interviewing Tips and How to Ace Them

Once upon a time not too long ago in the past recruitment representatives depended on one-dimensional, text-based resumes and CVs to begin refining their applicant pool. As innovation has advanced, so too have the employment methods, helping hiring representatives make progressively authentic connections with job applicants and prospective candidates and increasingly educated choices—even sitting at…
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Recruitment Trends in 2019

Trends keep changing every year and recruiting trends are no different. Present day youths are millennials who don’t simply accept jobs, they are selective about the company they want to work in. The trend is not you searching for talent, but rather talent searching you! Candidate experience is the centre of recruitment more than ever.…
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Online Self-Assessment- Evalground

By essence, self-assessment refers to the process when one tries to look inside and assess themselves and their identity. In social psychological research, self-evaluation or self-assessment is simply the way of looking inward towards oneself keeping in mind the end goal to survey the angles to one’s personality. It is one of the thought processes…
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Corporate Personality Test- A Hiring Tool

Let’s see what is this buzz around corporate personality test, pre-employability and online assessment tools. Basically, “One never gets a second chance to make a first impression” -Sadly this encapsulates the very  state most of the hiring and interviews happen today. “Judgments made in the first 10 seconds of an interview could predict the outcome…
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