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Once upon a time not too long ago in the past recruitment representatives depended on one-dimensional, text-based resumes and CVs to begin refining their applicant pool. As innovation has advanced, so too have the employment methods, helping hiring representatives make progressively authentic connections with job applicants and prospective candidates and increasingly educated choices—even sitting at a distance. Especially with a pandemic disrupting all the lives around the world now is the best time to rely on technology to help you in your business functions. 

Video interviewing has altered customary and traditional recruitment norms, helping recruitment managers to better comprehend prospective job candidates everywhere throughout the world while saving time and money at the same time. Meetings and interviewing can be a basic defining moment in any enlistment procedure. It is the moment where the recruiter and the employing department get the chance to dig into an applicants’ qualifications, growth potential, abilities and experience, eye to eye. In any case, in the modern world of cut-throat, it is not always possible for an intimate and up close and personal component isn’t generally always conceivable. Cue video interviewing.

Regardless of the usefulness and convenience of video interviewing, not every person is a fan. We all know the detestations of laggy network, video that gets dropped out of the blue, or sound that breaks in and out. Sitting in an unfilled room, conversing with your screen, would already be able to feel constrained and awkward without the specialized technical difficulties.

Recruiters frequently endeavour to make applicants as agreeable as conceivable in a meeting. Along these lines, you can truly become acquainted with them. However, it’s hard to offer a competitor some espresso or tea when they’re sitting at their PC in another city or nation.

So, here are some crucial video interview tips for employers.

Tip #1: Test run of video interview

It will reflect your poor image in front of your candidates if you are struggling with your video interview or unable to connect with the video interview tool. For conducting the best video interview, employers should be well aware of the features and functionalities of video interview software.

Test runs before the actual interview help you to know all possible difficulties while conducting the interview and allow you to resolve all the problems. Additionally, you can easily check your audio and video are working properly. And you get to know what range of internet connection you require. 

Tip #2: Provide instruction for using a video interview tool

Whether you are using two-way interview tools such as Skype, and hangouts or using one-way video interview tools namely ScreeningHive, bear in mind that there is a possibility that candidates are not familiar with functionalities.

There are many questions such as, does the candidate need to download any software? Need to create a new account? Provide the answer to all the questions in the form of step by step instruction. Make sure that the list of instructions includes all crucial information, thus candidates don’t feel the hassle of calling you again and again before the interview.

Tip #3: Prepare your video interview questions ahead

Whether you are conducting an in-person interview or a video interview, drafting the interview questions ahead is always the best decision. This question sheet helps you during the interview to track and ensure which questions have been asked and which are still remaining.

Always remember video interviews are an unusual way of interviewing, thus asking icebreaker questions to the candidates at the beginning of the video interview will put the candidates at ease. And after that, you can keep going in-depth.

Tip #4: Focus on the candidate

Once you enter into the video interview, always try to focus on the candidate and avoid other distraction factors. Just forget about other tasks, such as checking the mails or doing other stuff. Assure that your complete focus is on the candidate.

During the video interview, doesn’t forget to write down each and every point. These points help you to evaluate the candidates later, also you can share this list with the existing employees in order to choose the best-qualified candidates. Throughout the interview always look at the camera instead of the screen so it appears to the candidate that you are trying to make eye contact. And if any distraction takes place try to be patient.

Pros of video interviewing

Convenient: In an undeniably global workforce, numerous recruiters will in the long run divert to source candidates from outside of their city, if not nation. Online video meetings can help encourage and facilitate outstation candidates and the interview procedure. 

Accelerates your opportunity to recruit: With interviews progressively becoming more accessible, utilizing online video interviewing with innovation will unavoidably accelerate your chance to enlist. Not any more relying on the notion that applicants will be available somewhat in the future to come into the workplace. With video, they can block out just the calendar for the meeting, instead of figuring in travel time. 

Opens up talent markets: If you execute a video interviewing strategy, you may likewise open up talent markets that were already blocked off due to inaccessibility. Very often recruitment teams can’t consider outstation candidates as they can’t focus on bringing them over without appropriately becoming acquainted with their aptitudes and experience. Video interviews, when efficient, can assist you with becoming acquainted with far-away candidates with little commitment. 

Here are some key tips to keep in mind in order to ensure total triumph when you are hiring through video interviewing:

video and face-to-face interviewing goes hand-in-hand

Video interviewing is a tailored tool. It’s quick, neat, and allows the company some element of standardization of the interview process and candidate selection in interview questions and answers process. This asset is meant to save time and money so that hiring will be much easier, and it best fits into your business’s operation.

Double check your job description

Are you looking to interview a candidate? Then definitely you have to make time for them to see and talk to them specifically about the role for which they’re being interviewing. All these will definitely go off when you have already looked the candidate’s pre-recorded video responses. The whole process will save both money and time you’d be spending usually conversation about the open job.

Look out the company’s brand image online

A company’s website is another all-powerful resource for any job seekers, and it becomes progressively more important when that business organization is using video interviews to hire. When a hiring manager or recruiter’s face-to-face s, it’s important that the business’s website is there with updated information about both the job and the organization.

Pay more attention to nonverbal cues

Just like in the case of a face-to-face interview, non-verbal cues are important to analyze how an individual presents themselves during a video interview. Be attentive and focused!

Be forgiving about a candidate’s technology availability

Some people rely purely on a laptop, or only a smartphone at home, so be flexible and forgiving when it comes to the selection of devices on which a candidate wants to records their interview upshot. Because it doesn’t mean that they refuse to embrace technology, it just means that they have their own system in place that works for them. Be supportive instead!

Always believe that video interviewing can be little acquiring

There can be people who have never experienced any video interview before, and the candidate might feel a little uncomfortable at first. Be patient. Be cooperative.

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