Top Ways To Revamp Your Hiring Process Via Video Interviewing

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Top Ways To Revamp Your Hiring Process Via Video Interviewing

Top Ways To Revamp Your Hiring Process Via Video Interviewing

Nowadays, video interviewing technology is gaining a lot of attraction of talent acquisition professionals because the overall benefits of video interviews have become more acceptable well known. Video interviewing can make looping top talents to your team easier, faster, and more cost effective than ever before. Because instead of wasting time shuffling between resumes and candidates for first round of the interview, you can merely view number of one-way video responses from interested individuals for any specific position or job.

However, with so much of its benefits adding, video interviewing is quite different from an old fashioned, recruitment and selection. So, it is crucial you incorporate this innovative hiring process enhancement.

Here are some key tips to keep in mind in order to ensure total triumph when you are hiring through video interviewing:

video and face-to-face interviewing goes hand-in-hand

Video interviewing is a tailored tool. It’s quick, neat, and allows the company some element of standardization of the interview process and candidate selection in interview questions and answers process. This asset is meant to save time and money so that hiring will be much easier, and it best fits into your business’s operation.

Double check your job description

Are you looking to interview a candidate? Then definitely you have to make time for them to see and talk to them specifically about the role for which they’re being interviewing. All these will definitely go off when you have already looked the candidate’s pre-recorded video responses. The whole process will save both money and time you’d be spending usually conversation about the open job.

Look out the company’s brand image online

A company’s website is another all-powerful resource for any job seekers, and it becomes progressively more important when that business organization is using video interviews to hire. When a hiring manager or recruiter’s face-to-face s, it’s important that the business’s website is there with updated information about both the job and the organization.

Pay more attention to nonverbal cues

Just like in the case of a face-to-face interview, non-verbal cues are important to analyze how an individual presents themselves during a video interview. Be attentive and focused!

Be forgiving about a candidate’s technology availability

Some people rely purely on a laptop, or only a smart phone at home, so be flexible and forgiving when it comes to the selection of device on which a candidate wants to records their interview upshot. Because it doesn’t mean that they refuse to embrace technology, it just means that they have their own system in place that works for them. Be supportive instead!

Always believe that video interviewing can be little acquiring

There can be people who have never experienced any video interview before, and the candidate might feel a little uncomfortable at  first. Be patient. Be cooperative.

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