Author: Shramana Ghosh

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The Global Gig Economy: Transforming work culture

The sphere of work is evolving drastically, and the state of the workforce is changing with it. The times of ‘life-long’ careers within a single organization, the long-term security of a  contract, ensured pertinence of the skills gained in college, and unsurprising work schedules are like long-forgotten distant memory. Today, a CV without any updates…
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Trends shaping the picture of global hiring

The global recruitment industry has grown exponentially in the past few years giving a boom to the HR industry. In the recent years this space has gotten some relevant changes such as artificial intelligence (AI), mobile recruiting, social media hiring, online assessment portals, and the list goes on and on. Not only that, experts and…
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A modern recruiter’s guide to recruiting right on LinkedIn

Introduction Recruiters in an organization can be called the unsung heroes with recruitment being time taking, expensive and a high stakes task. The traditional methods of recruitment can primarily be compartmentalized into two primary categories: A recruiter posts then pray, like posting an ad on paper or on the web A recruiter pays then prays,…
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Guidelines For Recruiters For This Upcoming Hiring Season

Getting the right man for the right job might sound simple but it isn’t a matter of cakewalk for those who are sitting across the table sifting through hundreds of candidates to find that elusive right one. Recruitment is no more a straightforward procedure, where you post an ad and sit tight for the applications…
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Build Your Network Before The Peak Hiring Season

Hiring season can be a grind for recruiters. Endless, long, late nights working hard to get the “perfect candidate”. But instead of going through the whole turmoil, we say, be prepared for it even before the hiring season starts. Being prepared is much better than making the wrong hiring decisions in the heat of the…
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5 Hiring Hacks That Should Not Be Missed This Season

Hiring seasons might sound like a myth to some job seekers, but if you have been actively searching for jobs for some time now you will know that hiring season ain’t Santa Claus, it’s reality. There are certain times in a year that are far better than others to apply for jobs. When it comes…
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Top 7 Job Search Engines for The Indian Market

India with a population of 1.3 billion has the largest employable demographic in the world. Job search engines have gained a lot of credence in the recent times and they have been successful in getting people their dream jobs in a few clicks. Those days of running from one office to another and manually going…
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job search engines

Job Search Engines: Meaning and How They Have Changed Job Searches.

There is much debate about the efficiency of job search engines in today’s day and age. Are you receiving any quality results from creating an account and uploading your resume to these job search engines? Or instead, do you just receive spam mail and calls for offers nowhere close to what you’re looking for. Are…
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Recruiting Millennials : Pointers For Grabbing Them Young and How!

Millennials are the current generation of employees who are swathing the market. They are not only the majority of the current workforce, but they are also one of the most dynamic and connected employees. Millennial workers are like no other generation in the workforce. The 53.5 million 18 to 34-year-olds searching for jobs today are…
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Recruiting Millennials: How to retain them?

For a business one of the biggest challenge is integrating the baby boomers generations’ workforce with the millennials. As the millennials are becoming one of the biggest workforces currently recruiters need to figure out ways to overcome the ongoing myth about the millennials that they are the bunch who tend to “job hop” a lot.…
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