Recruiting Millennials: How to retain them?

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Millennials: How to retain them?
For a business one of the biggest challenge is integrating the baby boomers generations’ workforce with the millennials. As the millennials are becoming one of the biggest workforces currently recruiters need to figure out ways to overcome the ongoing myth about the millennials that they are the bunch who tend to “job hop” a lot. The most common stereotype going around about the millennials is that they do not stick to one job for a long period of time. However, there are certain things that the millennials value enough to stick around. Millennials have an outlook on their work ethics which are drastically different than the ones of the other generations. Hence, it is true that there is a sort of generation gap or generational conflict in the current and the majority of employed professionals.
Recruiters are struggling to understand the mindset of the millennials and also on developing ways and techniques to keep them in their organization. For all the talks that have been circulating about the millennials, companies are still inhibited about the possibilities of not just hiring them but also about retaining them. In this article, we are going to discuss some ways and techniques which will help in making the millennials stick around.

Rethink Social Presence

The first thing a new millennial recruit will do when you approach them is Google about your company. So, it is wise to have a very vibrant social presence. Millennials are the only generation that has seen the technological outburst and has grown up with advanced technology. Hence, they are used to the transparency of social media. They know they a series of tweets can bring your company up or down. Hence, be socially active and engage the minds of your millennial recruits with dynamic posts and video blogs that they can relate to.`

Build an Engaging Work Culture

Millennials are the ones who value self-actualization. However, they expect this process to move in a speedy way and not just wait for it to happen. They react more to good work and power play, so engage the millennials in work where they feel like they get to contribute some valuable insight. Build an organizational culture that they want to be a part of, make it engaging, insightful and they enjoy.

Challenge Them

This generation infers a feeling of reason and fulfillment from new experiences, which gives them chances to apply their skills in various ways and make them all the more well balanced employees. Shift the tasks they take a shot at, and in addition the groups they work with, so they’re always adapting to new systems and strategies.
Make great utilization of their vitality and energy from the very first moment by offering intriguing and prominent projects that match their capacities and use their qualities. Energize crisp intuition by giving them a chance to convey new plans to the table and helping them to feel esteemed by the administration. Discover open doors for them to work together on assignments with more experienced staff individuals, which will manufacture fellowship with the diverse eras in your bookkeeping and back office.

Be a Guide, Not a Boss

Research demonstrates that the main reason Millennials are probably going to leave their present workplace is a direct result of their supervisor. Making a domain where Millennial representatives feel supported and esteemed by the authority will prompt increased profitability and important relationships. Someone willing to demonstrate to them the way, yet give them enough flexibility to likewise make sense of things all alone.
The minute you begin thinking about your Millennial workers as mentees, individuals you can educate and affect as a person, is the minute you start to manufacture genuine reliability and lifespan.
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Respect the “Breaktime”

Studies show that allowing the brain enough “downtime” is critical to allowing it to process all of the information it has taken in and map out ideas to implement in the future. It’s no surprise our best ideas come to us when we are doing nothing! Give your employees the opportunities to have those breakthrough moments, instead of just thinking about how time off will negatively impact your bottom line.

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