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Conversion Rate

How Online Assessments Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

When you are a recruiting manager and you’re handling a team of recruiters it is very easy to misunderstand and think that your top billing recruiter is also your top-performing recruiter. In the world of business, there is no doubt that revenue is of course important, but it is also very important to look closely…
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Quality of Hire

Recruitment Metrics: Quality of Hire

As very famously tech guru Steve Jobs once had said, “Quality is more important than quantity”, we could not help but agree with him. Also, it has always been the general notion that quality can never be quantified. As it turns out, quality is quantifiable. Recruiting metrics are estimations used to track hiring achievement and…
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video interviewing tips

Video Interviewing Tips and How to Ace Them

Once upon a time not too long ago in the past recruitment representatives depended on one-dimensional, text-based resumes and CVs to begin refining their applicant pool. As innovation has advanced, so too have the employment methods, helping hiring representatives make progressively authentic connections with job applicants and prospective candidates and increasingly educated choices—even sitting at…
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Benefits of Pre-Employement Assessment

Benefits Of Pre-Employment Assessment

Wouldn’t it be easy if you already have a list of candidates ready for the job role when you are ready to take the interview? You wouldn’t have to spend hours together screening applicants one by one. “What can’t be measured, can’t be managed” Pre-Employment assessments are all about making your job as a recruiter…
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importance of talent metrics

Importance Of Talent Metrics

Talent metrics are estimations used to track hiring achievement and success and optimize the method of hiring candidates for an association. When used accurately, these metrics help to assess the recruiting procedure and whether the company is hiring the right people. Recruiting metrics refer to estimates used to assemble, analyze, and monitor hiring success and…
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Application completion rate

Recruitment Metrics: Application Completion Rate

If you are a recruiter then you should be aware of recruiting metrics. These are various measurements or analytics which are used to track the hiring success of your recruitment team and optimize the recruitment process along with it for an organization. When correctly used, these analytics or metrics help in evaluating the recruitment process…
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Talent Planning

How Talent Planning Can Improve The Way You Recruit?

Rarely we have seen recruiting to be based on any sort of strategic plan. For most of the organizations, recruiting is commonly a tactical operation and a series of things that happen to take place whose ultimate result is that of qualified people getting hired. Recruitment most commonly is reactive, and very few recruiters have…
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Pre-Employment Check

What Is Pre-Employment Check and It’s Importance

Employers face various human resource challenges. Enrolling the correct representative for the correct job is one of the most basic challenges, and that task has gotten more difficult with a global economy and an exceptionally agile workforce. Businesses can no longer depend entirely on the applicant interviews to settle on a sound recruiting decision. Pre-employment…
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Employee Preboarding

How Employee Preboarding Is Different From Onboarding?

If you are someone who works in Human Resources, you know how much time and effort goes into recruiting a new employee to the organization. After the candidate goes through the recruiting process – which is quite an endeavor in and of itself – you then have to warmly welcome the new recruit and tell…
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Employee Engagement

Tips To Improve Your Employee Engagement

Since the time WHO formally declared the COVID-19 outbreak a worldwide pandemic, organisations all over the financial services industry have been hit at two distinct levels: in addition to the fact that they have to manage the vast business issues of manoeuvring through a global economy that itself is in a state of flux, furthermore,…
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