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external hiring

How to Master the Art of External Hiring

For every business one of the main concerns itself is recruiting- whether it is to fill a vacancy, replace an existing staff or plan for any succession within the company’s management.  With today’s quick development and market development, numerous new positions and openings are made inside an association. In the end, if organizations need to…
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talent acquisition strategy

Guidelines to Build a Stellar Talent Acquisition Strategy

Finding out and connecting with top-level talent is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing day. Moreover, right now with a pandemic wreaking havoc in the whole world, spotting quality talent is becoming more so difficult. However, now the limitations of being within the four walls of a confined space is not there anymore. This is…
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Hiring Work From Home Employees

Hiring Work From Home Employees

The current global coronavirus pandemic gave a big push to the work-from-home job force. However, long before COVID-19 became a health risk factor to all, more and more people have been opting to work from the comfort of their home to their tedious commute to work. The credit goes to ever-evolving technologies like Skype, Google…
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Types of Talent Metrics

Types of Talent Metrics For Your Recruitment Team

Talent metrics are estimations used to track hiring achievement and success and optimize the method of hiring candidates for an association. When used accurately, these metrics help to assess the recruiting procedure and whether the company is hiring the right people. Talent metrics refer to estimates used to assemble, analyze, and monitor hiring success and…
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Benefits of Building A Talent Pool

Recruiters nowadays must be shrewd. It’s hard enough to discover extraordinary candidates all things considered, so why risk losing top talent since they didn’t cut it this time for this specific job?  Truth be told, why not assemble a relationship with them and keep them intrigued?  How?  By building and dealing with a talent pool! …
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Attrition Rate

Talent Analytics: Attrition Rate, Meaning and Tips to Improve It

As per the Cambridge dictionary, the word attrition can be described as : “Attrition is the process of gradually making something weaker and destroying it”. Employee attrition almost follows the same definition. Well, almost! Employee attrition is the decrease of staff when employees leave the association and their replacement is not found yet. So would…
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Importance of Onboarding

Importance Of Onboarding To Retain New Employees

After the candidate goes through the recruiting process – which is quite an endeavor in and of itself – you then have to warmly welcome the new recruit and tell them all that they need to know about being a part of your company and what actually will be like working for your company. Many…
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Conversion Rate

How Online Assessments Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

When you are a recruiting manager and you’re handling a team of recruiters it is very easy to misunderstand and think that your top billing recruiter is also your top-performing recruiter. In the world of business, there is no doubt that revenue is of course important, but it is also very important to look closely…
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Quality of Hire

Recruitment Metrics: Quality of Hire

As very famously tech guru Steve Jobs once had said, “Quality is more important than quantity”, we could not help but agree with him. Also, it has always been the general notion that quality can never be quantified. As it turns out, quality is quantifiable. Recruiting metrics are estimations used to track hiring achievement and…
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video interviewing tips

Video Interviewing Tips and How to Ace Them

Once upon a time not too long ago in the past recruitment representatives depended on one-dimensional, text-based resumes and CVs to begin refining their applicant pool. As innovation has advanced, so too have the employment methods, helping hiring representatives make progressively authentic connections with job applicants and prospective candidates and increasingly educated choices—even sitting at…
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