Innovative Sourcing Techniques To Stay Abreast In Recruiting Today

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Innovative Sourcing Techniques To Stay Abreast In Recruiting Today

Innovative Sourcing Techniques To Stay Abreast In Recruiting Today

Do you know what are your most effective candidate sourcing techniques for finding any top talent? Do you really leverage your job postings? And all of the whiles do you ask for employee referrals? So, all you believe is that these are successful ways to fill a position and it can play an integral role in your recruiting process.

But, what you really need is the ability to relevantly seeking out for ideal candidates, build a passive pipeline for hire, establish connections for even hard-to-fill roles, and prepare for future needs. In short, “You need to be PROACTIVE!”.

So, being a recruiter, you know that increasing importance of sourcing candidates the in the current period of global economic growth, and as we know many companies begin to incorporate proactive sourcing techniques into their talent acquisition strategies. So, all you need for talent acquisition leaders to get more engaged and more active than ever in order to source the most valuable hires. One great key trend is the evolution of a recruiter into a true marketeer.

As we know that:

  1. Sourcing is not just only searching.
  2. Candidate sourcing is not just only dealing with passive candidates.
  3. Sourcing can be done by any specific source, recruiter, HR representative or even an acquisition manager depending on the process at the given company.

Why you need to create a sourcing strategy!

Creating a sourcing strategy is a good way to prepare to source a new type of talent or for a new challenge with the known talent. The challenge may come from the number of candidates (you need much more than so far), timing (you need them faster, at a special time, or continuously for a long period) or a change in the behaviour/structure of the talent pool.

Unfortunately many lose the above goal and try to create a sourcing strategy to simply impress a client, a stakeholder or a manager. While a good strategy certainly has the ability to help you with this, if impressing is your primary goal, instead of bringing value to the process you just waste time on summarizing your current actions. Beware: this limits your thinking so maybe even more dangerous than doing nothing. Only create a strategy if there is a real need for one!

Now do have a look at this case study:

People Sourcing Crew is one of the best companies of its kind and it needed a tool to help it organize, share, and review the thousands of candidates it sources and recruits. Candidate Sourcing is the art of finding the right candidates along with their contact information, is something People Sourcing Crew are the ultimate experts in.

Using Hello Talent, they’ve been able to improve their efficiency, more effectively manage candidates, and have built better relationships with clients as well. This company from helped  People Sourcing Crew from endlessly working over on spreadsheets. Now they don’t have the risk of duplicate profiles, as they can have multiple recruiters working in one pool, comments and mentions make communication easy, and we can be privacy compliant.

Read full case study: https://www.hellotalent.com/casestudies/people-sourcing-crew/

And here’s the final thoughts

This article is apparently not having an exhaustive list of methods, but we feel it will definitely represent some of the highest impacts of candidate sourcing best practices. If you have any specific or unique candidate sourcing best practice to add up to or you want to share, please let us know.

Thanks, and happy hunting!

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