Multi-Criteria Online Assessment Tools For Recruiters

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Multi-Criteria Online Assessment Tools For Recruiters

Every organisation needs a new employee at some point. When it comes to recruiting them, it can be costly or painful. And if you’re unlucky then both. The good news is, nowadays, the internet is loaded with a lot of Online Recruiting Tools to make these tasks easy. These tools that were once traded with only expensive recruitment agencies are now available to everyone online – at a low cost, and more often free! So, now the trick lies in knowing what is available in the market, and from where to start. Online assessment tools are such category of human resource management (HRM) that actually handles the process of posting of jobs and attracting top talent for any vacant positions within the organisation. Recruiting right candidates streamlines the entire candidate search and hiring process to make it easier for organizations to add new hire. From posting jobs to reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, these recruiting software automates the entire candidate search and hiring process by eliminating tedious paperwork and offering powerful resume and candidate search to find and hire employees.

Online assessment tools can be used to help recruiters identify candidates who will be the right fit for their organisation. These talent assessments help predict a candidate’s on-the-job performance and even retainability to a great extent. With reports and data supporting all the results. Hence, in theory, we can safely say candidates who go through the screening test should perform better as employees if they’re hired.

In the strongly opinionated world, one thing people from any industry or profession would agree, testing simply beats gut.

Let’s also not forget, quality data is essential in taking any just decision.

In the current market, there are various assessment and screening tools which are helping recruiters to get through the hiring process easier by saving time and money. In case of IT recruiting it is not only a matter of looking out information from a resume of candidates. In fact, it depends upon verifying behavioural or decision-making traits also in technical screening scenario. Here, we are proposing tools for Video interviews, technical skills via Online Assessment Tools, Psychometric tests and Reference/Background checking to find what you can look to get your new staff on board as fast as possible.

This list of few online assessment tools should help you assessing and making recruitment cheaper, easier and faster. These tools have helped many IT recruiters with improving their selection process.

Top Online Assessment Tools:

As we have already discussed, we now know that online assessment tools have become one of the integral part of the modern recruitment process. We know that in an IT-based recruitment process, skill testing is essential to proof your candidate’s knowledge. And if you don’t want to waste the time of your IT team on weak candidates, you can go for the technical screening process. Here recruiter can do it either through online coding tests or technical interview through online tools. Some of the top and useful tools for conducting technical screening process are:



Evalground is an online assessment and evaluation tool focused on helping recruiters in the initial screening of potential candidates from an ocean of job seekers in an automated way. With Evalground, a recruiter can create an online test and invite candidates. After that candidates can take the test in a proctored online environment and the recruiter gets a detailed report of evaluated results based on their requirements very easily. That’s all, now recruiter has the list of relevant candidates they want to hire.



TechScreen is another example of such tool which helps recruiters with detailed technical interviews. Even if a recruiter doesn’t have enough technical knowledge they can assume answers of their candidates based on this tool. This tool provides three types of interviews: non-scoring interview (can be conducted without technical knowledge), scoring interview (TechScreen gives you guardrails), custom interview (you can create your own questions or select them from their library).   

Interview Mocha


Interview Mocha is based on secure and reliable online assessment software and is trusted by companies of all sizes worldwide. This online utility tool can assess skills in four different steps as in use their ready skill test or ask for a custom test to the recruiters. From that interface, a recruiter can invite candidates for online test and candidate take the test based on remote proctoring. This tool provides quick results so that recruiters can take their decision easily.

Top Psychometric Testing Tools

Psychometric tests can help you find what kind of people your talents are. Basically, these tests show their strengths and weaknesses, what motivate your employees, how they behave, how quickly they get the right answers. Results of psychometric testing depend on two groups of psychometric tests ‘aptitude and ability tests’ and ‘personality questionnaires’.



AtmanCo is providing a Psychometric testing tool which is created to help recruiters and HR professionals. This tool conducts its own original psychometric tested and validated assessment test. In addition to psychometric assessment test, AtmanCo also offers a behavioural-based pre-generated interview guide to the recruiters. It helps in identifying the best candidate. Using both test and a custom interview is much more effective, reliable and bias-free and it leads to quicker decisions making to the recruiters.  



Revelian is built on the foundations of old psychometric tests but merged with technology improvements and design thinking to offer candidates a simply better assessment experience. Revelian gives your candidates an immersive experience and based on that a recruiter can get a better picture of candidate aptitude. With its cognify facilities, the tool can capture and process thousands of pieces of data, which provide you with a more thorough and complete assessment of abilities. Also, it provides a clear and compatible design, so it appeals to all candidates for any role, from entry-level to experienced ones and also to the senior hires.



RightPeople provides a variable set of psychometric tests for any organization. They collect more and more data to create a more accurate picture of the candidate profile. RightPeople tests are legal and also culturally relevant for the candidates. According to the recruiter ’s requirements, they design a customized test for them and thus they can use their standard one. The results are analyzed and available on the platform or send to them via email. The tests cover areas such as cognitive ability/intelligence, personality assessment, safety, integrity and reliability, time management, shift work, customer service, work values.

Background /Reference Checking Tools:

Background and Reference checking tools help any organization to find people who are good not only on paper, not only during the interview process but also in their real life. It also helps recruiters to ensure that they are protecting your company’s data. References are the best tool for confirming words with reality. It is important to do the double check since there are sometimes fakes. These tools could help:



Checkster provides a comprehensive way to make your talent decisions fast. This tool gives recruiter managers certainty in key talent decisions making. Checkster’s automated reference checking tools allow you to save up to an hour per candidate, eliminate manual phone calls and improve your quality of hire. With Checkster Interview Checkup, a recruiter can actually save time and eliminate hiring biases. It also provides quick, visual, pointed and timely feedback compared to traditional time consuming, yearly 360 feedback and moreover, Checkster Talent Checkup allows anyone to get confidential peer feedback on their performance.



HireRight provides a comprehensive and customized background check in more than 240 countries, leveraging applicants in about 20 languages for easing any recruiter pain points. It provides a flexible tool to make the background check fast and easy regardless of your company’s size. Among the various types of checks, this tool provides criminal background checks, identity checks, drug & health screening, candidate experience, education checks, global screening, driving records to check.



Checkr facilitates a fast, easy and mobile compatible background checking of your candidates. What exactly it does for you is identity check which includes identifying and verification of address history, any type of criminal record check, driving license check, drug check, credits and account check. One of the most important checks done by Checkr is national and international verification of employment, education including licenses and certification checks.

Few Top Video Interview Tools:

Video interviewing has altered customary and traditional recruitment norms, helping recruitment managers to better comprehend prospective job candidates everywhere throughout the world while saving time and money at the same time. Meetings and interviewing can be a basic defining moment in any enlistment procedure. It is the moment where the recruiter and the employing department get the chance to dig into an applicants’ qualifications, growth potential, abilities, and experience, eye to eye. In any case, in the modern world of cut-throat, it is not always possible for an intimate and up close, and personal component isn’t generally always conceivable. With time like anything else recruitment has changed drastically as well. In today’s world the world is majorly relying on various video interview toolsWhen it comes to recruitment, there comes a situation where you meet a person and then you realise that this is not the person you were looking for. Talking face-to-face is the best way to find out if the candidate fits into your expectations or not. There are many tools for video interviews such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, etc and they are just great when you have just a couple of candidates. Other useful tools for conducting video interviews are:



RecruitLoop provides the facility of Recorded Video Interviews for free where a recruiter can screen candidates with automated video interviews. It saves hours in recruitment by only meeting the best candidates in person. Here, a recruiter can make several questionnaires when screening for multiple positions for which candidates just need to have a webcam to complete the interview.



Zoom is not specifically for interviews as it is a video conferencing tool. It works easily on mobile, tablet and other different devices so it is a flexible tool for your candidates to use. This tool is great for group interviews where you can record sessions of candidates. Zoom also allows to share screens and so you can tell candidates to some activity to assess them accordingly.



SparkHire is an automated and live video interviewing platform. For the automated interviews it works as RecruitLoop – you create a questionnaire and your candidates record their answers on the platform. With SparkHire, you can put the link to the interview in the email, on your website etc and can easily keep your candidates on with the information with respect to their hiring status. And also a recruiter can send any kind of rejection email straight from the platform itself.

We hope that these tools will help recruiters improve their selection process. Happy Hiring!

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