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Online Psychometric tests have become a standardized and scientific method that has been embraced by recruiters to measure an individual’s mental and emotional capabilities and behavioral style as well. These tests are designed to quantify a candidate’s suitability based on the specific role required focusing on the personality characteristics and emotional stability of the candidate. 

Around 18% of organizations as of now utilize identity tests in the enlisting procedure, as per a study directed by the Society for Human Resource Management. This number is developing at a rate of 10-15% a year as indicated by numerous mechanical and hierarchical analysts, and also the Association for Test Publishers.

Psychometric tests are a standard and logical technique used to gauge people’s psychological abilities and behavioral styles. Psychometric tests in Singapore are intended to understand and measure competitors’ reasonableness for a role keeping in mind the requirements of the role and identity attributes and fitness (or psychological capacities). Psychometric tests in Singapore can be utilized as a major aspect of the enrollment and choice process by bosses to evaluate your capacity in particular aptitudes (eg, verbal, numerical and diagrammatic thinking) or to get some answers concerning your own characteristics by utilizing identity polls.

What makes psychometric tests vital to recruiters:

They measure intellectual performance

Psychometric tests measure work-related cognitive ability. Whether it’s being able to think on your feet or learning from past experiences, aptitude tests shed light on a candidate’s overall individual intelligence.  High results on an aptitude test are synonymous with increased comprehension, strategic thinking and a propensity to integrate new information.

Understand the disposition of candidates

Personality tests reveal aspects of candidates that would otherwise be hidden to the recruiter. They are a self-report questionnaire with covert questions that provide quantifiable results to recruiters, preventing them from making erroneous judgments. Knowing what kind of personality a candidate has is very important to ensure that he/she upholds the organization’s culture.

Psychometrics lead to cost-efficiency

The assessments enable the selection of only those candidates who will remain loyal and hardworking. Hiring new staff takes up valuable time and can be extremely costly. Psychometrics provides a more filtered group of job seekers to HRs. This allows them to make effective choices from already qualified candidates and take through further rounds of recruitment.

Skills and abilities are tested

A perfect score may make a candidate stand out for a recruiter. But what’s more important is whether candidates are prepared for hands-on work. Psychometrics reveals exactly this. How a candidate deals with pressure, communicates with trusted clients and comprehends reports quickly and efficiently can be clearly determined through these assessments.  They help pick out such talent that will stay long enough to contribute constructively to the company. This works both ways as a recruiter can also find out whether someone is overqualified for a particular position thereby making sure of quality hiring and company suitability.

Promoting consistency throughout the workforce

As a recruiter you have an idea of the work environment, be it easy going or hectic or anything in between. Psychometrics allows you to tailor your workforce in order to fit into such a climate. One of the key elements of streamlined hiring is making sure that the candidates you have recruited not only possess the necessary skills and abilities but also follow closely with the values and work ethic set up by your company. Psychometric tests provide a level playing field thereby promoting complete fairness.

The science behind the psychometrics

Real Life Situational Judgement

Evalground’s Big Five Personality Test helps you to assess the genuine situational judgment of the candidates without having knowledge in brain science.

Assess Leadership Skills

Leadership ability is something which can’t be assessed just by observing somebody. You need to utilize particular instruments for that. This is the place Evalground comprehend your necessities and encourages you to satisfy your requirements and needs, in this way by building your organization with future pioneers.


This is the most critical part of all HR Managers life, one wrong choice can ruin the entire part. Top associations run with Evalground’s identity test just to evade this slip-up. With the assistance of Evalground they have the best group with them.

Identification Of High Potential

Companies get the candidates with the right skills but not the right personality. In order to solve this issue, they take the assistance of Evalground.

Personality Inventory

Personality inventories are intended to survey the generally steady and continuing qualities of a man that may influence work execution and work put conduct.


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