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It is well established among hiring managers that a business which makes good hiring decisions always tends to have a higher rate of productivity and lower turnover. Which affects the bottom line of every organization’s goals. Recruiting the wrong people for your organization can lead to having a negative effect on your time, effort, employee morale and waste valuable revenue in training and development. Pre hire personality tests are few of those new technologies which has taken the recruitment world by a storm. Pre-hire personality tests and the new age hiring tools can help recruiters in minimizing hiring time and select the best candidates who fit the organization. 

A personality test for hiring is an extremely valuable tool that permits you to gather insights into the character qualities and behaviors of job candidates. For example, utilizing an expertly professionally developed evolved pre-hire personality test can assist you with recognizing whether an applicant is introverted or extroverted, patient or impatient, etc. An employee personality test can help you spot personality characteristics you’ve distinguished as being significant for a specific work. In case that you need somebody who’s conscientious for an accounting position, you can utilize employee personality testing to discover candidates with that attribute.

Psychometric tests also known as Corporate personality tests are standardized and based on scientific strategies used to quantify people’s psychological abilities and behavioral style. Psychometric tests are intended to quantify candidates’ suitability for a job dependent on the necessary personality qualities and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). Psychometric Test Assessments recognize the best applicants and help you in making your recruiting choices quicker, simpler, and bias-free.

Evalground’s Psychometric Assessments provide highly valid predictions by data driven decisions. You can evaluate a candidate’s psychological compatibility with the intended position eliminating any deficiencies in a face-to-face interviewing process. Evaluate a candidate’s psychological compatibility with the intended position eliminating any deficiencies in a face-to-face interviewing process.

Why HRs Everywhere Rely On Pre Hire Personality Tests:

Evalground’s psychometric tests automatically grades and ranks your candidates once they are done taking up the test. By the time you rest and savor a cup of coffee, you can simultaneously watch video responses of applicants to custom made questions. Our screening process is completely automated which lets you focus on the best people for the job. Use our Psychometric tests to predict a candidate’s real-world job performance using our extensive library of more than 50 scientifically validated tests. Our one of a kind personality and psychometric tests will allow you to get to know your candidates as real people, with their behavioral traits and different personality aspects– not just pieces of paper. Boom. Gone are the days where you are spending endless time wasting on screening CVs and pre-qualifying candidates for interviews.

Testing Beats Gut Feel

Use fair and standardized tests, rather than subjective selection through unreliable methods. Pre-hire personality tests does away with any kind of personal or human bias in decision making. There are zero chances of making hiring decisions which can be challenged as discrimination. 

The results are measurable

Predicting how a person is going to behave, or react, or perform is no easy task.Quantifying the results of HR initiatives demonstrates that HR is a critical business function. Candidates’s results based on our tests can strongly predict a number of different work-related factors like: Future job performance, Emotional intelligence, Reliability and validity Individual development Motivators and lots more.

You don’t need a degree in psychology

Gone are the days of complex reports where a psychologist was needed to interpret esoteric psychometric test results.Beautifully designed, data rich and easy to read reports can now be instantly accessed online.

Positive Company Brand

Using pre hire personality tests can create a powerful first impression. It sends a clear message that the company invests effort to get the right people into the right job through the right process.Filtering personalities will help protect company culture.

Shape Your HR Strategy

It can cost over 200% of the candidate’s salary to replace a skilled position. Meta-analytical studies have shown that our a can improve recruitment outcomes by up to 24%.

Does a pre hire personality test really help?

Let’s talk about some reasons why these tests are increasingly successful and worth the effort . But as the title promises, you will also understand how it doubles as a hiring  tool and gives a great nudge in brand identity.

  1. Corporate personality tests are measurements of a candidate’s traits, temperaments, dispositions, etc.
  2. Personality-oriented tests as such,  help gauge and predict an array of behaviors by measuring an individual’s personality dimensions like reliability, his/her sociability, etc.
  3. It does good to you as a brand as the whole process is sans bias and every candidate who ever interacts with your brand, subconsciously leaves with a positive brand image
  4. It helps to devise a way and help understand how an individual employee engages and stays motivated at his workplace.
  5. An online assessment well designed and standardized by personnel with specific  expertise will help an organization improve it’s legal defensibility. This is by providing a  fairer method of employee evaluation, selection and comparison.
  6. Intangibles like a candidate’s integrity, conscientiousness, adjustment, trustworthiness, etc can be measured and analysed as these tests are specifically designed to get a peek into the  predisposition of the candidates and their ability to act with a sense of morale.
  7. They give insight into whether or not an individual will engage in counterproductive job behavior.
  8. Several online assessment tests today help in the selection and narrowing down of candidates by saving on a lot of recruiter’s time and costs by helping decide which respondents should be called in for the next stage of interview.
  9. The biggest boon is that it helps eliminate human bias. These tools includes automated grading process that ensures all the test scores are objective and free of any types of human error.
  10. What personality tests do is they throw light on aspects of an individual’s nature that can be overlooked on a mere resume or even a face-to-face. They offer a deeper understanding and insight into whether or not they will fit into the organization’s work culture.

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