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Let’s see what is this buzz around corporate personality test, pre-employability and online assessment tools.

Basically, “One never gets a second chance to make a first impression”
-Sadly this encapsulates the very  state most of the hiring and interviews happen today.

“Judgments made in the first 10 seconds of an interview could predict the outcome of the interview.”
Now this information has been flashed innumerable times before candidates and interviewers, with thousands of content being written on it.

Now, what does this mean?
If the recruiter likes a candidate, they find more reasons to like them, and if they don’t then the rest of the time is spent finding reasons to only not like them more. This is a very natural response and the super recruiter is a mere human after all.

Psychologists call this a confirmation bias- “The tendency to search for, interpret, or prioritize information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses.”
They say that all it takes is a bad egg to ruin the lot. According to a study by Careerbuilder, it is proved that there was a 39% decrease in productivity due to a bad hire.

Attention, attention! A solution exists.
This is where we proudly present online assessment platforms and corporate personality test.

Pre-employment testing and online assessments is not new in the recruitment market today. Aptitude, English proficiencytechnical and other practical-skill have been very commonly assessed  for quite sometime now. Corporate personality test, cognitive-ability, personality and psychological tests are less common, however gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Do Corporate personality test really help?

Let’s talk about some reasons why these tests are increasingly successful and worth the effort . But as the title promises, you will also understand how it doubles as a hiring  tool and a gives a great nudge in brand identity.

  1. Corporate personality tests are measurements of a candidate’s traits, temperaments, dispositions, etc.
  2. Personality-oriented tests as such,  help gauge and predict an array of behaviors by measuring an individual’s personality dimensions like reliability, his/her sociability, etc.
  3. It does good to you as a brand as the whole process is sans bias and every candidate who ever interacts with your brand, subconsciously leaves with a positive brand image
  4. It helps to device a way and help understand how an individual employee engages and stays motivated at his workplace.
  5. An online assessment well designed and standardized by personnel with specific  expertise will help an organization improve it’s legal defensibility. This is by providing a  fairer method of employee evaluation, selection and comparison.
  6. Intangibles like a candidate’s integrity, conscientiousness, adjustment, trustworthiness, etc can be measured and analysed as these tests are specifically designed to get a peek into the  predisposition of the candidates and their ability to act with a sense of morale.
  7. They give insight into whether or not an individual will engage in counterproductive job behavior.
  8. Several online assessment tests today help in the selection and narrowing down of candidates by saving on a lot of recruiter’s time and costs by helping decide which respondents should be called in for the next stage of interview.
  9. The biggest boon is that it helps eliminate human bias. These tools includes automated grading process that ensures all the test scores are objective and free of any types of human error.
  10. What personality tests do is they throw light on aspects of an individual’s nature that can be overlooked on a mere resume or even a face-to-face. They offer a deeper understanding and insight into whether or not they will fit into the organization’s work culture.
  11. There is definite proof that there is often a lower turnover of staff within a company if applicants have traits similar to the rest of the workforce.
  12. No matter how many candidates you have to consider, they can be evaluated simultaneously in a matter of few seconds.
  13. Online assessment test reduces the probability of hiring a candidate who does not match your specifications by more than 60%. Hence, No more long hours will be lost going through an endless number of candidates who might turn out to be a bad hire.
  14. Recruiters can actually target a far wider audience without altering their existing recruitment strategy.
  15. You don’t just get data but a complete test analysis and accessibility options as well.
  16. Automated and comprehensive reports of the candidates will be provided based on their performance in the test. These reports will be delivered straight to the recruiter’s desktop enabling a recruiter to analyze results with ease from their cabin.

Alright, so if all this feels a little overwhelming then remember, there are several corporate personality tests by online assessment tools available in the market that provides support to the user, not only in terms of customer, technical and operational but you also get help in training a new user to understand the nook and crannies of the types of assessments there is and the tool as well to utilize it better.
So yes,
Go ahead, imagine having recruitment partner 24*7.
Happy Recruiting.

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