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Career Aptitude Test
Self evaluation test to catapult your career.

Measure yourself on skill, personality, ability and other things that should really matter.

  • Still in college and wondering what after this?
  • What job will suit you best?
  • Will you be any good at it?
  • What’s next?
  • Are these a few questions tormenting you?
Solution Exists!

Your career path with the right job suggestion will be scientifically and factually backed.

How Can C.A.T Help You?

Plot Your Career

Assessing your technical aptitude is extremely important when settling on a professional choice at hand. Grab a chance to examine, clarify your goals and upsell your strengths


Upper Hand in Interviews

It's good to analyze and have knowledge of your personality types and answer questions on personality and soft skills


Helps Introspect

The results will be calculated using our superior algorithm based on the required personality characteristics, skill sets and aptitude for a profile.


Set Realistic Goals

Aids in the revision of the work style by pointing out, potential weakness to overcome and come up with an improvement plan.


Self evaluation, is often "the-most-overlooked"

In an ideal world, this form of assessment should logically precede all other forms of evaluation, especially before you the candidate step out looking for a job or choosing a career path.

What does C.A.T measure

Our Career Aptitude Test assesses your competencies, aptitude, knowledge and contrasts it against two key areas required for a successful career.

Work-Readiness - Your Behavior, how you act and operate in a workplace

Job Fitness - in contrast to the selected jobs that hold your interest

How Does It Work?

Click the Link

Click on the link to get started. Pick a convenient time to take up the test.


Get Assessed

For precise insight and interpretation, answer honestly with a calm mind.



Easy to interpret report, your extensive guide to employability



Analyse for your work personality strengths, technical aptitude, and more.


Career Mapped

You are now, armored to find job profiles and work nature that fit you best.


Reports-Insight into your personal potential

Evalground offers a top-tier career aptitude test in the form of an online assessment. This test is designed by our panel of leading psychologist, educators and recruitment experts, to measure your affinity for a subject, line of work, industry, job profile, etc.

The results will be calculated using our superior algorithm based on the required personality characteristics, skill sets and aptitude for a profile.

Our Report Will Outline

Employability Report is an insight into questions regarding your skills sets, employability and personality. The report will be your extensive guide in decisions regarding your career.

  • Ideal job profile
  • More careers & jobs that fit You Best
  • Skill gaps and areas of improvement
  • Preferred Management Style
  • Job Fitment
  • Set realistic goals
  • Revision of work style
  • Potential Weaknesses to overcome
  • More information about your work personality
  • Insight into your competencies