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Pay as you go

3 per Test Attempt.

150 per Test Attempt.

150 per Test Attempt.

3 per Test Attempt.

Premium Question Bank with min purchase of 100 Test Attempts.

MCQ and Coding.

Email Support + Access to Help center Documentation.

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Everything You need

100 Test Attempts @ 300

100 Test Attempts @ 15000

300 Pack.

15000 Pack.

100 Test Attempts.

Premium question bank.

Pre built test library.

1 campus drive support.

Live proctoring.

1 Training session for your team.

MCQ and Coding.

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All Covered

500 Test Attempts @ 1375

500 Test Attempts @ 70,000

75,000 70,000 offer period only

1,500 1375 offer period only

Premium question bank access.

Pre built test library.

Unlimited campus drive support.

Live proctoring.

Personalized onboarding + Email Support.

3 Training sessions for your team.

3 Free Customized test by us.

MCQ and Coding.

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What do you get with a subscription?

Pro Premium Platinum
Number of Tests Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Invites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Test Takers Pay as you go 100 500
MCQ Questions
Coding Questions
Question Library
Premium Library
Private Library
Bulk upload MCQs
Customized test by our team UPTO 3*
Advanced Settings
Custom Registration
Custom Webcam Setting
Custom Questionnaire
Branding Page
Restart test
Extend time
Proctoring Settings
Webcam image capture
Window proctoring
Question shuffling
Question Pooling
Option Shuffling
Webcam live capture
Code Copy detection module
Easy share reports
Download as PDF
Basic ATS Management
Email Notification
Export as Excel
White Labeling
User Management
Admins 1 1 UPTO 3
Campus Support 1 3
Customized Test cost 3000 after free Quota
Customized Test cost 50 after free Quota