What are online assessments? Is it right for my hiring?

94% of recruiters use online marketing channels for recruiting. Employers who used social media marketing for hiring found a 49% improvement in candidate quality when compared to candidates sourced only through traditional recruiting channels. This number has been on the increase for the last 6 years.
So going online can be considered an absolute treat for your hiring.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire the wrong candidate.

We are not threatening, just reminiscing a fact that would have been inevitable until a few years ago.

The 1990s introduced "computer based examinations" and now the legacy is followed by few of the top most exams held across the world, from SATs, CAT, GRE, etc.

Recruitment industry has had the buzz about online assessments for a long time now, however, before we dive into the details explaining the hype around these tools let us first understand what is an online assessment test.

Online assessment tests are conducted via computers under remotely proctored environment and has the advantage of being authenticated by Subject matter experts (SMEs). Online assessments bring in efficiency of the whole procedure along with immediate feedback. Online examinations are slowly replacing the traditional examination approach. A major highlight of using an online examination system is that it gives a high level of transparency as opposed to the traditional method. Most online exams generate their results instantly and it is often possible for the exam taker to get information on his results immediately. However, one question always lingers back, is it really useful for recruitment?

Online assessments have the benefit of not only being accessible anytime and anywhere there are few more benefits that online assessment brings with itself to assist you in your recruitment process. Such as:

Before you get overwhelmed with all the details about these pre-assessment tools, take a breather.
We are going to take this one step at a time to have a comprehensive understanding about the available tools and how they can boost up your Recruitment procedure.

So you might wonder, all that is being said is happy and gay, but when it actually comes to you, specifically you, you might wonder, why online assessments for your business. So now in very straight terms, how could online assessments do better for your hiring ?
We will leave that for you to decide,but before that, we would like to educate you on a little something on how to evaluate an individual right. Like the very basic criteria and in the process we will briefly see what is it that Online Assessment measures and how it does so.

  An American cognitive psychologist, explained, after several iterations, that learning objectives can be written at six levels.

  • Remembering

    By Asking candidates to fill the blanks in a sentence, answer multiple choice questions, and label diagrams. These activities require the learners to recall information acquired.

  • Understanding

    By giving assignments where candidates need to provide a summary of the information learned, using descriptive questions; asking them to classify cases, elements, events and so on, based on set criteria. You can also present the candidate with problems that require them to identify examples of concepts, principles.

  • Applying

    By presenting candidates with scenarios where candidates need to respond appropriately and simulations where candidates need to execute the steps of a process correctly.

  • Analyzing

    By using case studies where learners are required to identify how the various elements of a business functions are related to each other.

  • Evaluating

    By asking candidates to evaluate performance or products, based on predefined criteria.

  • Creating

    By using online business games and presenting what-if scenarios, where learners need to find new solutions to an organizational problem.

  In the upcoming chapter, we will discuss as many HOWs, WHYs and WHATs regarding online assessment platforms, as possible.