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CEFR Test or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is a widely popular standard for depicting language capacity worldwide. The CEFR was envisioned and put together by the Council of Europe in the 1990's as a part of a more extensive effort to advance collaboration between language instructors over every European nation. The Council of Europe likewise needed to improve lucidity for businesses and educational institutions who wanted to assess and evaluate candidates’ language proficiency. The framework is proposed to be utilized in both teaching and evaluation. It portrays the language capacity of the examinee on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for the individuals who have aced a language. This makes it simple for anybody involved in language educating and testing, for example, educators or students, to see the degree of different qualifications. It also implies that businesses and educational institutions can easily compare the candidate qualifications to other exams in their country.

The CEFR Test has a total of six levels where the language proficiency of a candidate is evaluated. Such as:

  • A1: Beginner level
  • A2: Elementary level
  • B1: Intermediate level
  • B2: Upper Intermediate level
  • C1: Advanced level
  • C2: Proficient level


The CEFR Test has a total of six levels where the language proficiency of a candidate is evaluated.

Sample Test

Assess Right and Recruit Right

Evalground’s CEFR assessment provides a deeper analysis of candidate’s lingual abilities. You can evaluate candidates Reading, Speaking, and Writing capabilities for the intended position according to the CEFR Standards. Evalground offers a detailed assessment of a candidate's Reading, Speaking, and Writing capabilities according to the CEFR standards. Our tests assure the fulfillment of right job responsibilities by right candidates at the right time.

Standardized Test

Our assessments provide systematized information about the candidate’s linguistic proficiencies with reference to the international market standards. Here, the candidates' linguistic abilities are compared at par with the CEFR stands for all three levels wiz. Level A1, A2, Level B1, B2, Level C1, C2

Skill-Sets Measured

Language is one of the keys to human behavior. By our tests you can measure the candidate’s abilities in speaking, writing, listening, and reading on the parameters such as Content; Accuracy; Language; Grammar and Vocabulary; Discourse Management; Pronunciation which in turn acts as a measure of a candidate’s communicative language competency.

Evidence It Works

Our tests are according to the international market standards and are evident enough to help you in deciding the ability of a candidate to express oneself with appropriate information, and his ability to deal with hostile questioning in a professional way.

Reasons Why Top Organizations Rely On CEFR Tests

Reports That Are Reliable, Secure and Credible

Reports are generated in online assessment tools almost instantly once a candidate finishes taking up the test. These reports and their analysis are detailed to help you make an informed decision and come in with some handy features and benefits. Get a detailed report on the candidate's performance for analysis and decision making for hiring needs.

Consolidated reports accompany a feature to shortlist candidates into different groups for further processing.

Adding custom comments on reports is supported.

Apart from these benefits Evalground comes with an inbuilt Applicant Tracking System (C-Track) and various other benefits and features. To know more about the features in detail click here.