Mind blowing recruitment ideas that no recruiter should miss

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Mind blowing recruitment ideas that no recruiter should miss

Mind blowing recruitment ideas that no recruiter should miss

When it comes to recruitment, you need to keep changing your ideas and methods to be on top of the game. But, it is not always easy to find ideas which work.

But, you don’t need to worry any further. This article is just what you need to read if you are in search of mind-blowing ideas to help you in your next venture.


Before you proceed, remember these mind-blowing recruiting ideas range from regular necessities to crazy out of the box. You might find some to be serious and some funny but we promise you, all are here for the sole purpose of making your recruiting easier.

  1. Religiously call the applicant to ask for any referrals. Even when applicants turn down an offer, go ahead and ask if they know someone else who might be interested. Sweeten the deal by maybe giving an instant bonus for referrals
  2. Keep an eye open for companies who are laying off – offering help to accommodate displaced employees makes you the knight in shining armour
  3. Promote “free training” in your ads,(remember there will be training in-house, but free as a prefix will mostly sell just about anything).
  4. Be Where They Are-If you want to meet your ideal candidate, then you should go where they go, do what they do, and read what they read.
  5. Meet instructors of classes at training institutes, local colleges, etc. Maybe host a marketing event, hackathons or open house. Organize lunch. This will give way to positive branding and good word of mouth.
  6. Speak at classes and share your knowledge, quoting on-job experiences. You will earn fans for life here! Offer free seminars on getting a job, preparing a resume, etc.
  7. If the relationship is great- Advertise in your client’s’ internal newsletters for referrals.
  8. Keep selling your company. We now have a candidate-centric market on our hands.
  9. Put up testimonials from your interns and your current staff. Pretty up the content and flash it on your company’s site
  10. Go all out to attract interns from good colleges– Put in a coupon or a small gift card for applying.
  11. Be respectful of every single applicant, including the ones that didn’t make the cut
  12. “A day in your office”. Give freshers a feel of how it is to work with you. Arrange for a bus or shuttle service for the campus to the office and give them a feel of the work culture.
  13. Send monthly relationship builders to all the “good” interns – birthday wishes, “Haven’t heard from you lately, are you still interested?” etc. It won’t hurt to practise this on your current employees as well
  14. Freshers party – once the training sessions are over follow it up with a barbecue or a happy hour get together at your local watering hole. This will help recruits feel included and actually even reduce the attrition rate
  15. Advertise outside your competition’s! – Where else would you find a more perfect concentration of your talent pool? Your ad is bound to stir a bit of curiosity.

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