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bulk hiring strategies

Best bulk hiring strategies you may have missed!

Looking for qualified candidates from the mass pool of recruitment is the most critical part of the recruiting process. Bulk-hiring can be difficult for any company regardless of its industry or size. Hence, to follow a well-designed recruitment plan it is always suggested to follow some bulk hiring strategies to ensure quality deliverables. It can…
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Mass Recruiting

Mass Recruiting–Things To Keep in Mind!

In any business, mass recruiting or bulk-hiring can be a primary challenge. If ever you need to hire additional staff to meet production or other business needs, consider yourself both lucky and cursed. Taking the time to find the right person with limited resources and a lack of adequately trained HR, hiring even a single…
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Mass Recruitment- An inside peek.

So, if we need a laptop we look it up on Amazon, for buying a house, go to the magicbricks.com, and for Samosas with our evening chai, we simply walk down the road to the little shack selling piping hot snacks. So, either in person or virtually we are done in a dozen hours. Now,…
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recruiting trends

Recruiting Trends: A Strategic Approach To Talent Acquisition

Hiring forecasts and recruiting trends for 2021 have shown a bullish trend, and employers aiming to increase the headcount must differentiate themselves from the competition in order to win talent. Many of the recruiting trends like — Employer Branding, Talent Analytics, repairing the candidate experience and leveraging HR technologies — are likely to prevail in…
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